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January 29, 2012: Genesis 11:27-12:9 “The Mission of God”

Goal:  That we would get wrapped up in God’s grand mission of reclaiming the world for Himself.

“God is the general, and His mission is the nations.” -Pastor Matt Proctor


Pastor Post: January 26, 2012


The Pastor Post is a bi-monthly update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.




 January 26, 2012

Dear Church Family,

This Sunday we start our new series, “The Journey of Faith.”  My hope for 2012 is that each of us would allow God to take us to new places of depth and intimacy. But the only way for faith to deepen is for each of us to take God at His Word in daily, joy-filled obedience. One writer explains, “Every obedience, however small (if any obedience is ever small) quickens our sensitivity to God and our capacity to understand Him and so makes more real our sense of His presence.”

Jesus promises that everyone who obeys His commands, God will come and make His dwelling with them (John 14:21). Then, He will guide us in our journey to the places He longs to take us. Come with me on this journey of faith. O God, take us where you want us to go.

 Things to know:

 Small Groups start this week: If you are not in a sermon-based small group, please plan to join one this week. More information in the bulletin insert or at

 Baby Bottle Boomerang: Our church is partnering with Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center (formerly Aid to Women) through the 2012 Baby BottleBoomerang during the weeks of January 22 to February 12.  Baby bottles will be handed out after the service on January 22.   They should be returned on Sunday, February 12.  Bridgehaven is a ministry that reaches out to women experiencing unintended pregnancies with truth and love, empowering choices for life.  You can learn more about Bridgehaven at

 February 19 Post-Valentine Dinner at the Olive Garden:  We have room for a few more attendees for our 6-8PM dinner. We plan to enjoy fellowship, good food, and a bit of fun on that evening. RSVP to Annette Goater.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Matt


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January 22, 2012: “My Journey of Faith”

Darrel Herschberger, an elder at Cornerstone Church, shares his personal testimony

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January 15, 2012: Acts 4:24-30 “Delighting in the Divine: Part 3

Key Question:  How come an all-wise and all-powerful God needs to redeem anything?  (How could such a “perfect” God make a mistake?)

First answer:  Gods’ redemption is necessary because He created independent moral beings that chose to rebel against Him.

Deeper answer:  God chose to allow these moral beings to rebel (and thus bring about evil and suffering into the world) in order to display His glory and bring about great good.

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January 8, 2012: Mark 1:9-11 “Delighting in the Divine: Part 2”

Key Question:  How can Christians believe in both a singular Godhead and three Divine Persons? (that’s just bad math.)

Answer:  Because belief in the Trinity is necessary to explain the experience of the early church, the nature of our salvation, and the reality of an eternally loving God.