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July 29, 2012: Psalm 103 “The Duty of Delight”

Big Idea:  The duty to delight in God is (ultimately) delightful.


Pastor Post: July 26, 2012

The Pastor Post is a bi-monthly update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

 July 26, 2012


Dear Church family,

We have a number of announcements so I will be brief with my meditation. Please read through the important announcements below. Pray concerning these items. Also, please mark your calendars for the important dates.

Meditation:  In Luke 12:31, we read that Jesus commands his followers to “Seek his kingdom.” To seek Christ’s kingdom is to seek the rule and reign of God in all spheres of life. The kingdom of God is the blessed reign and presence of God in the universe, where sin, death and decay are pushed back and where light, love, truth, mercy and power are put on display. We are to seek this kingdom in our lives and in the world around us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just get a small taste of a kingdom like this? But the very next verse (Luke 12:32) says something startling: “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” O, the depth of joy that springs forth to know that God is pleased to bring His kingdom into our lives and world. We are not abandoned sheep but participants in God’s flock. Our heavenly Father loves us as His own, and He delights to give us His kingdom.


School Supplies Needed this Sunday July 29: If you signed up to provide school supplies for a Linn-Mar student, please drop your supplies off in the lobby this Sunday July 29.

Drivers Wanted: Three elderly ladies have expressed a desire to worship with the Cornerstone Church family. They live on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids. We are looking for a team of people willing to pick up and drive home on a monthly basis. If you are willing to drive at least one week per month, would you please contact Jacalyn Schultz.

Congregational Meeting, Monday night August 13th, 7PM: All of the members of Cornerstone Church and regular attenders are asked to attend a congregational meeting at the church office on August 13. We will have the final affirmation of the Vision Team’s work and a presentation of the elder’s vision for 2012-2013.

Membership Class in August, August 22 and 29:We will have two 2-hour membership classes (7:30-9:30PM) August 22 and 29 at the home of Jonathan and Sara Crandall. If you have been worshiping at Cornerstone Church and are considering membership, please let Pastor Matt know if you will be attending as soon as possible. More information on membership can be read here:

Child Dedication Service August 19: A few families have expressed an interest in dedicating their children to the LORD on August 19 during the Sunday morning worship service. If you would like to have your child dedicated on August 19, please contact Pastor Matt by August 10. For more info on a child dedication click here:

Baptism Service and Church Family Luncheon, Sunday August 26:  After our worship service at Collins Road Theater, we will have a 12PM lunch at Greg and Becky Dryden’s home followed by a baptism service. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and are interested in following the LORD’s command to be baptized, please speak to an elder of Cornerstone Church by August 10. For lunch, BBQ pork sandwiches, chips, and cold beverages will be provided at no cost, but please plan to bring either a salad or bars for dessert to share.

Gladly serving you,

Pastor Matt

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July 22, 2012: Psalm 91 “An Unmovable Rock, an Unsinkable Ship”

Big Idea:   The plan and people of God cannot fail, fall, sink or slip.

Note, you cannot understand what Psalm 91 if for, until you realize life is war. (Inspired by John Piper’s thoughts on prayer, “You cannot know what prayer is for, until you realize life is war.”


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July 15, 2012: Psalm 82 “Singing for Justice”

Big Idea:  The “gods” of this world will be held accountable by the God of the Universe.


School Supply Drive

Church Family!

Starting this Sunday July 15 and on July 22, you will have the opportunity to choose to help one or two students from Bowman Woods Elementary or Oak Ridge Middle School with the purchase of their 2012-2013 School Supplies.

Here’s how this will work:

1) On Sunday 15 or 22, you can sign up in the lobby to provide school supplies for either a boy or girl in Kindergartner through 5th grade at Bowman Woods Elementary or a boy or girl 6th-8th grade from Oak Ridge Middle school. You are signing up to buy the school supplies. You do not need to purchase a backpack for the child. If you want to buy a backpack and fill them with the supplies that will be great. Just know that that is an optional contribution.

2) We have school supply needs for 25 students. If we run out of school supply lists, we will let people sign up to bring a backpack by itself.

3) On Sunday July 29 (or before at the church office), we need all of our school supplies and backpacks returned. We will then deliver them to Marion Cares (the non-profit organization organizing this school supply drive). Please make sure you attach the information on the school supplies for which grade, gender, and school you are blessing.

We have a great opportunity to serve our community this summer. May we be a light that draws others to worship our Father in heaven.

Thanks again!

-Pastor Matt