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February 24, 2013: Proverbs 4:23 “Mark #6: Boundaries”

Big Idea:  Boundaries are self-imposed limits that protect the health and holiness of a person for the greater good.


Christ’s Community on Christ’s Mission

Our 2012-2013 Vision is that we’d reflect Beautiful Unity through Christ-Centered Community. But what if we are unified on some purpose or mission contrary to Christ’s mission for the Church? What if we’re not going in the direction God wants His church to go? Thus, it seems important that we turn our sights for the next several weeks on making sure we are a Christ-centered community engaged on Christ’s mission.

To accomplish this, we move to the New Testament book of Acts. Some call this book the “Acts of the Apostles.” Others have learned that it is really the “Acts of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of the Apostles.” In this book we see Christ’s mission on display. In this book we watch the seedbed of Christ’s church grow and develop. We learn the founding principles of Christ’s church in the 1st century that give shape to how the 21st church should continue to be engage in Christ’s mission.

Over the next few months we are going to tackle this key book in 4 parts…

Part 1: “What Dr. Luke Doesn’t Want Us to Miss” In March, we are going to take a wide-angled look at some major truths Dr. Luke wants us to understand. Many of you know Dr. Luke was a physician and early missionary of the early church. Dr. Luke wrote both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.  We are going to look at 3 major themes found in both Luke and Acts that we need to understand for our lives today: 1) Jesus is Lord (March 10); 2) Jesus is Savior (March 24); 3) Jesus is Alive (Easter Sunday sermon, March 31).

Part 2: “The Church is Born” (Acts 1-2)  In April, we will look at the earliest days of Christ’s church.  We’ll see how the church was and is founded, empowered, and mightily blessed.

Part 3: “Hitting the Church Jackpot” (Acts 2:42-47)  What does it mean to hit the church jackpot? Is it more butts in seats, bucks in the bank, or buildings on display? Is it a fancy preacher or a sweet children’s ministry? What if the principles of a New Testament church run contrary to what most Westerners think is hitting  the church jackpot? We’ll take 5 weeks starting in May to unpack what the church is really to be about.

Part 4: “The Church on the Move” (Acts 3-8)  Then in June-August we’ll walk through the early chapters of the book of Acts. Maybe the things learned about when the early church was on the move will help us to make sure we are moving along with Christ’s mission as well.

What does it look like to be Christ’s Community on Christ’s Mission? Well,I hope we can all answer that question a little better in the months ahead.


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February 17, 2013: Proverbs 18:24 “Mark #5: Faithfulness”

Big Idea:  A single, truly loyal friend is more potent and powerful than a collection of companions.


Pastor Post: February 12, 2013

The Pastor Post is a bi-monthly update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

February 12, 2013

Dear Church Family,

Our series on friendship is about to end, but this is just one part of our year long journey in becoming life-giving friends in God’s family.

As such, I’d like to make a request on behalf of the elders. Starting March 1 through the end of May, would you commit to meet regularly (think every week or every other week) with one person in our church family for a meal? Maybe one week you meet for breakfast, and then the next your families go out for lunch after church. Or maybe you just have a standing lunch date. Jesus demonstrated there is great power in table fellowship in his ministry. We’d like each of you to take a step toward more intimacy, honesty, and mutual support. Note that we are encouraging that you choose one person rather than several people. We cannot have quality friends without quantity time. Would you please prayerfully consider taking this step?

Other Announcements:

Communion Sundays and McCornerstone: On the third Sunday of each month, our church celebrates the Lord’s Supper. On these Sundays rather than going out to one restaurant as a church family after our service, we are encouraging you to meet in smaller settings either in homes or different restaurants. We’ll continue this pattern until it is warm enough to have our weekly picnics in the park.

TWOgether Marriage Mentoring: This coming Sunday February 17, Lynn Nelson, the executive director of Twogether Marriage Mentoring, will be attending our service to share more about a new Christ-centered marriage ministry in Linn County. Cornerstone Church began to partner with this ministry on January 1 of this year. More info at

Coffee, Tea, Orphans, and Ethiopia Sunday February 24: Please set aside some time Sunday afternoon Feb. 24 at 2PM to hear more about Sarah Banowetz’s missions trip to Ethiopia and the organization she served. This event will be hosted at the Roush’s home (2614 Bever Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids).

City-wide Prayer: Reminder for those who picked up a Lenten Prayer Guide that those prayers start tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. You are joining hundreds locally and thousands nationally. If you didn’t grab a prayer guide this past Sunday, they will be available again on Sunday February 17. Also, you may want to put on your calendars that another all-city prayer meeting will occur on the the evening of Palm Sunday (March 24) at New Covenant Bible Church @ 6PM. A video invite can be viewed here:  This is another great opportunity for Jesus’ church to reflect Beautiful Unity through Christ-Centered Community.

Good Friday Service, March 29: Mark your calendars for a 6:30-7:45PM Good Friday Service. We will be having a combined worship service for the second year with Northbrook Baptist Church (1700 Boyson Rd. NE). Childcare will be provided. We’d like people to bring snacks and desserts to share for after the service.

Much love in Christ,
Pastor Matt
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February 10, 2013: Romans 15:7 “Mark #4: Acceptance”

Big Idea:  Acceptance is loving others without exception – to the glory of God!