Month: June 2013

Church at Marion Square Park – June 16

This Sunday June 16, we will be having our 10AM Sunday morning worship gathering at the Marion Square Park (corner of 10th Street and 7th Ave in Marion).

The service will be a combination of songs, testimonies of God’s grace, and a short Father’s Day sermon.

Please bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on (and possibly activities for your children). Plan to stick around after the service for a bring-your-own picnic lunch.

Check our home page and Facebook on Sunday morning if bad weather is looming, but right now the weather looks to be great!!


June 9, 2013: 1 Peter 4:7-11 “Hitting the Church Jackpot, Part 4 – Unselfish Service”

Big Idea:  Every Gift you have been given is a gift for others.

Pastor Post: June 5, 2013

The Pastor Post is a regular update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

June 5, 2013

Dear Church Family,

We are right in the middle of our sermon series on “Hitting the Church Jackpot.” I’ve tried to explain that the jackpot isn’t butts, bucks, or buildings, but rather God’s Spirit working among His people to be marked by Scriptural Saturation, Deep Intimacy, Dependent Faith, Unselfish Service, and Spiritual Multiplication.

Let me elaborate why the difference is important. First, if you measure “success” by numbers or dollars, you can be fooled. McDonalds gets numbers and dollars, so too Starbucks and Apple. But these are not Spirit-filled, Christ-centered, God-glorifying works. Likewise, churches can look outwardly successful, but be plagued with false motivations, improper ministry methods, and an inaccurate presentation of truth. Yes, we want God to bring huge numbers of people into a life-changing (and wallet-changing) relationship with Christ, but sheer numbers will never tell the true story.

Second, every ministry will have seasons of great fruitfulness and other seasons of drought and desert. Jesus’ ministry had highs and lows. Moses’ ministry had highs and lows. In the seasons of great fruitfulness, we must daily cry out in dependence to God that He will continue to shower His grace. In seasons marked by sorrow and suffering, we must daily cry out in dependence to God that He will continue to shower His grace. Again, the outward marks are not the true measure. Ultimately, the measure of “Hitting the Church Jackpot” is faithfulness to Jesus Christ and His Word. And we believe faithfulness would look something like this: Scriptural Saturation, Deep Intimacy, Dependent Faith, Unselfish Service, and Spiritual Multiplication.

May we be a church really seeking the jackpot that brings God the most glory and us the most grace.

What’s Up Ahead? 

Membership Class (starts this Sunday, June 9): If you are interested in becoming a member of Cornerstone Church or want more information on what makes this church tick, come to this four week class. We’ll start at 9AM sharp this Sunday.

Worship in the Park (June 16): We will have our corporate worship service at 10AM at Marion Square Park on Sunday June 16. Bring a folding chair, a sack lunch, and possibly some activities for your young kids. If bad weather strikes, we’ll head over to the theater.

Philosophy Discussion Night (starts Tuesday June 11): Join the first discussion on “The Problem of Evil and Suffering” this Tuesday night at Mark and Katheryn McCreary’s home. Please let Mark know if you’d like to attend. (If you don’t have Mark’s contact info, please contact the church office)

Sacred Marriage DVD Study (starts Thursday June 13): If you’d like a chance to focus in on your marriage for six weeks this summer, please plan to attend this discussion group at Dave and MaryLou Erlacher’s home. Please contact Dave for more info. (If you don’t have Dave’s contact info, please contact the church office)

See the Summer 2013 Ministry Happenings brochure for more info on our summer ministries.

Thanks for being a part of this family,

Pastor Matt

June 2, 2013: Daniel 3 “Hitting the Church Jackpot, Part 3 – Dependent Faith”

Big Idea:  A God-fearing few can stand fearless before a godless many.