The Knot: February Sermon Series

knotDesiring marriage or being in marriage can bring out the best and worst in us. So too, the church on many occasions has failed us. The church has brought shame and guilt by preaching unrealistic ideals; the church has not supported us on our most difficult days; and at times, the church has preached a (false) prosperity gospel that says if we do X, Y, and Z, then our marriages will be happy.

The answer to the disappointments and failures, however, is not to give up and throw in the towel. We must repent and try again in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians, we believe God does has a good plan for beautiful marriages. We also believe that the Triune God offers forgiving, sanctifying, and sustaining grace for painful marriages. It’s for these reasons and many more that we will spend 4 Sundays in February looking at marriage from Ephesians 5.

Sunday February 8: The Mystery of Marriage

Sunday February 15: The Mystery and Husbands

Sunday February 22: The Mystery and Wives

Sunday March 8: Feeding our Marriages

So join us for this new sermon series entitle “The Knot.” So too, watch this YouTube video and then spend 5 minutes praying for your marriage or singleness. Pray also for the marriages of your friends, family, and fellow church members:



Pastor Post: 1/29/2015


Thank you for the rich feedback I received from our series on prayer. I heard that some of you created an intentional and intimate place for prayer. Others are talking about praying more regularly with their spouse. Others have ventured into praying aloud. Still others have started praying about their city, finances, and the world. All of these steps of faith are very encouraging. Keep on the lookout for prayer guides during Lent. So too, we may have a few prayer groups available leading up to Easter. May Cornerstone forever be known as a house of prayer.


Twogether Marriage Mentoring: This Sunday the director of Twogether Marriage Mentoring, Lynn Nelson, will be present during our worship service. She will also be available at an informational table to answer any questions about our mentoring ministry. Maybe the LORD would have you and your spouse receive marital mentoring in 2015. Maybe you and your spouse would go through the training to become a mentor couple. Stop by and tell Lynn, “Hello,” and thank her for her service to our church and the community. If you haven’t been reading lately on the state of marriage in our country, you might appreciate this YouTube video: 

Youth Ministry in February: On Saturday 7, 14, 21, and 28 (from 6:30-8:30PM) all 7-12th grade students are encouraged to join Pastor Matt and Carrie as we seek God’s truth for relationships, intimacy, and gender differences. Come to know Christ and make Him known; come also to play games and eat snacks. Bring a friend; they’ll be blessed.

Children’s Church workers: We’re in the hunt for a few individuals willing to serve once every 5 weeks in our Children’s Church ministry. These folks love on 4-year-olds through kindergarten for about 2/3 of our Sunday morning worship service. If interested, reach out to Deb Hammes,

The Intelligent Faith Conference: Friday, February 6th (6:30PM to 9:30PM) & Saturday, February 7th (8:30AM to 12:30PM) at New Covenant Bible Church. All details on the events page.

It’s my privilege to serve this family.

-Pastor Matt


Sermon Audio

January 25, 2014: Matthew 6:12-13 “Deliverance from Debts and Devils”

Big Idea: Pray for God’s pity to deliver you from deadly debts and devouring devils.


Humbling news: Vocation Infusion Learning Community

Church family,

Our church has been awarded a fellowship in order to participate in the 2015 Vocation Infusion Learning Community (VILC). This is a gathering of over a dozen churches with paid pastoral staff and congregation members who serve in the marketplace and community.

The purpose of VILC is to help our church better equip the saints for their various vocations at home, work, among neighbors, and to the nations.

Another Evangelical Free Church pastor wrote up a summary a year ago on this opportunity: What in the world is a vocation infusion? | Trevor Lee

So too, another church explained the opportunity this way a few years back:

Mary Lou Erlacher and I will travel to four (all-expenses-paid) trainings over the next 10 months. We’ll bring back ideas and truths to be shared with our Elder Team and various ministry leaders.

Pray God blesses this journey for our church.

Thank you,
Pastor Matt
Sermon Audio

January 18, 2015: Matthew 6:11 “Give Us Today Our Daily Bread”

The meaning of, impact, and impetus for praying for daily bread.