Church-planting Vision Night, Thursday September 24th @ 7:00pm

11755239_10154070717870410_539154589550496893_nCornerstone Church has the privilege of hosting a vision casting and fundraising night for Frontier Church. Frontier Church will launch in the Des Moines area spring 2016. They have been working side-by-side with Redeemer Church of Cedar Rapids the past year to learn about church planting and to seek God’s face.
Please come to hear; please come to give. Invite others. If you know of friends or family in the Des Moines area, please let them know about this new community of believers.
The journey of Frontier can be tracked here:



What’s up with that church building project? (glad you asked)

Church-Work-Day_tEven the guys from the work night were surprised that the new carpet was finished on Sunday.  It looks really nice.  (That wasn’t the only thing that got done.)  Thank you to all the good and generous workers who have made this possible.

We are trying hard to be ready for paint this Thursday.  It’s a stretch.   If you have drywall skills we need you in the next three days.  Please let me know.  This is your moment.

Thursday we need painters.  I know there are some who are not handy with tools and hitting your thumb with a hammer to many times is discouraging.  But it’s very rare to get hurt by a paint brush.  It would be nice if we could give the regular workers the week off and rely on those with a different skill set.

Later Thursday we need to clean up the floor and the room will be ready for use on Sunday.
After Thursday we have a small list of important items left.
1.  Install counter top and sink in kitchen.
2.  Put plastic wallboard around Nursery sink area
3.  Install Nursery cabinet and sink.
4.  Install two Nursery doors.
5.  Figure out window in cry room.
6.  Trim around doors and windows in the Nursery.

It seems like it might take two more weeks, but we are almost done.

See you Thursday at 5-9 PM.
David W. Gardner
Sermon Audio

August 30, 2015: 2 Peter 3 “Jesus’ Return Under Consideration”

Big Idea: Jesus will return for the repentant–not the best, the beautiful or the brightest.


Music Video: “You’ll Find Your Way” by Andrew Peterson

Here is the music video for the song Pastor Matt mentioned at the end of his sermon on August 23, “Hope for Human Sexuality.” (For the record, Pastor Matt highly recommends all the songs and stories of Andrew Peterson.)

Sermon Audio

August 23, 2015: John 4 “Hope for Human Sexuality”

Big Idea:  Jesus lovingly pursues me, a sinful person, to give me living water.

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