Month: July 2016

July 31, 2016: Jonah 4 “God Gives Grace”

Big Idea:  Don’t be like Jonah – be like Jesus.

July 24, 2016: Jonah 3 “Turn Around”

Big Idea:  The greatest miracle in the book of Jonah is that an entire city, from the king to the critters, turns from wickedness and turns to God.

Pray for Pastor Matt

Proctor_1After decades of serving one of the largest churches in England, Charles Spurgeon was asked to account for his tremendous success in ministry. Without any hesitation, Spurgeon responded, “My people pray for me.”

Please keep Pastor Matt, the elders, and all the ministries and leaders of Cornerstone Church in your daily prayers.

At the June elder retreat, God began to percolate a 5 year vision of growing maturity and ministry effectiveness for our body. Pray that the LORD would refine this vision and then fuel it for His glory.

July 17, 2016: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 “Grieving with Hope”

Big Idea:  Grieving is necessary but hopelessness is not.

July 10, 2016: 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 “The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

Big Idea:  If you don’t know God, you will seek beauty and satisfaction elsewhere.