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October 30, 2016: Matthew 28:16-20 “I Just Can’t Do it, Captain”

Big Idea:  We have a mission to own, but take heart, we are not alone.


Kids SS – Even Wise Men Can Be Foolish

Gospel Project

Solomon is such an interesting Biblical character. He is called the wisest man, and yet he makes the most foolish mistake. No, it was not that he got involved in a land war in Asia, it was that he turned his back on God and went after other gods. He forgot that wisdom comes from God! Here’s what you can talk to your kids about this week.

  • Bible Passage: 1 Kings 11-12
  • Main Point: God divided Israel into two kingdoms because Solomon sinned
  • Key Passage: Proverbs 2:6-7
  • Big Picture Question: Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God through His Word.

Solomon started strong. He recognized his weakness and his need for wisdom from God. So he sought wisdom from God and received it. But early on there is a crack in his armor: he take foreign wives. Now, there is nothing wrong with foreigners. They have a special place in the kingdom of God and Israel is supposed to treat them well. Leviticus 19:34 says “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.” Solomon’s trouble was not that foreigners were around, but that he mistook treating them well with accepting their false gods.

Solomon trifled with YHWH God by entertaining the idea that there were other gods as well. He even built high places for these other gods, places where people could go and worship them! The king that made the great temple of God made competing places of worship for false gods. How foolish for such a wise king.

When Solomon acted foolishly, God decided that there would be a consequence: his kingdom would be torn in two. His son, Rehoboam, would cause this division by also acting foolishly. Instead of listening to wise counsel from his father’s advisors, he listened to his friends who tickled his ears, and his own pride pulled the country apart.

Still, God kept his promise to David. David would always have a king on the thrown in Israel. God would not take Jerusalem from David’s family. God redeemed even these foolish kings actions and brought through David’s line the all-wise King Jesus.

We all do foolish things from time to time. Share with your kids a time when you did something foolish, and share how the consequences worked out. Maybe you can think of a time that, though you were foolish, God redeemed it in your life. Warn against the foolishness of turning away from God and toward things that are not God.

Have a great week.

Sermon Audio

October 23, 2016: Matthew 28:18-20 “All Nations, All Neighborhoods”


Kids SS – Solomon Builds the Temple

Gospel Project

The temple was arguably the most important location in Israel. It was the place where generations of Jewish people would come to connect with God and demonstrate their love and devotion. The story this week is the amazing story of its building and dedication, and at the same moment the recognition that it would not be enough to hold God. Here are the details.

  • Bible Passage: 1 Kings 6-8
  • Main Point: God chose Solomon to build a temple where He would dwell with His people
  • Key Passage: Proverbs 2:6-7
  • Big Picture Question: Where does wisdom come from? Wisdom comes from God through His Word.

Here’s a cool video of what Solomon’s temple might have looked like:

Solomon took the task of building the temple very seriously. It was constructed with great care and artistry, according to the plans of his father, David, who wanted to build the temple was not permitted to.

The temple was the place where God would dwell on earth, where his people would come to commune with him. At the dedication of the temple God demonstrated that he was there with the pillar of cloud that filled the temple, just as God led Israel through the wilderness through the cloud.

But even though God was there, dwelling with his people, Solomon understood that God was greater than what the temple could represent. Solomon said, “Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain You, much less this temple I have built” (1 Kings 8:27). Even after building this great building, Solomon saw that it was not enough. He was looking forward to some way to actually commune with God.

That would not come with another building, but in the form of a person, the great-great…grandson of Solomon, Jesus. Jesus said that the temple would be destroyed and rebuilt in three days, but he wasn’t talking about a building. He was talking about how he would die and rise again 3 days later to save us from our sin. All of the glory of God was found in Jesus. He contained God because Jesus was God.

Share with your kids this week about how Solomon built a wonderful temple for God, but that Jesus changed everything so that we could also come to God without that temple, but through Him.

Have a wonderful week!


Pastor Post: #Adulting

church-news1Church family,

This is a long update; please consider printing it out and using it for prayer.

I recently learned a popular expression: #adulting. Apparently, this is a way young adults (admittedly in a culture of prolonged adolescence) use social media to convey they are taking responsibility and growing up. So, on Facebook, you might read, “I signed a lease on my first apartment #adulting.” Or, “We finally replaced our dishwasher today #adulting.” “I just signed up my kid for kindergarten #adulting.”

#Adulting gets at the heart of where the elders of this church hope to see our church family go over the next 5 years. We’re a 15 year old teenager church; it’s time to grow into an adult church. An #adulting church takes responsibility for others. This means we’ll be ever eager to serve, care, and minister to those outside our doors. Our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces will be our central work rather than crafting a perfect Bible lesson or sermon.

An #adulting church will use its money not on themselves, but for others. We’ll invest in missionaries and ministries locally and globally. We’ll send out people and cash to plant churches. An #adulting church finds greater joy in the growth of others, and grow less concerned about their own comforts and preferences.

One of my new favorite Bible verses is 3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. As we grow in maturity collectively, take responsibility corporately, and grow up in love, may we have the great joy of seeing many baby Christians, baby churches, and baby ministries to the glory of God!

Important Announcements:

Baptism service coming: We’re looking at a baptism service on November 13th. Please speak to Pastor Matt or another elder soon to express your interest in receiving baptism. Also, there were a few Stump the Pastor Questions related to baptism last week; I responded to them here:

Prayer for Building: Please be in prayer for our leaders regarding the future renovations and improvements on our facility. We are trying to come to consensus on our next steps. We have the first of 2 to 3 meetings on October 24 with a person from our denomination who helps churches seek consensus and God’s direction.

Sunday, October 23rd “An Evening of Worship And Prayer” 6pm to 7:30pm The 9th city-wide gathering of Christians and churches will be held at New Covenant Bible Church, 3090 N Center Point Rd. Please come and pray for our city, fellow churches, and the work of God among us.

All church work/cleaning day, Saturday October 29th 9AM to Noon. We will be doing some general cleaning (our custodians will have this week off) and organizing as well as a little outdoor work, weather permitting. If you’ve been looking for a way to serve, but have limited time, this may be a great opportunity!

November 6 Church Meeting and Lunch: Please plan to join us after church on Sunday November 6th. We’ll have a potluck lunch starting around 11:30AM with a congregational meeting to follow. At the congregational meeting we will vote on a 2017 budget, 2017 leadership positions, discuss the building and bylaws revisions, and get an update on the ministry areas of Cornerstone Church.

Volunteer Opportunity: The His Hands free medical clinic is in need of people willing to pray with patients. All volunteers are trained. This is a safe and rewarding experience. For more information check out or call 319-862- 2636.

Thank you! I love being your pastor.