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January 29, 2017: Ezekiel 1 “A God-Sized Vision of God”

Big Idea:  Ezekiel is sustained for mission by a God-sized vision.


Kids SS – Isaiah Preached About the Messiah

Isaiah 53 is one of the clearest passages in the Old Testament about Messiah. This week we spend our whole time learning form this important passage. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Title: Isaiah Preached About The Messiah
  • Bible Passage: Isaiah 53
  • Main Point: God said that Messiah would be a suffering servant
  • Key Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2
  • Big Picture Question: How many gods are there? There is one true God who alone deserves worship.
  • One Conversation Starter: click here.

Isaiah’s vision of Messiah sounds like it could be lifted right from the gospels, but it was written hundreds of years before. God’s servant would not look like anything special, would be rejected by his kinsman, would be beaten and would die. But that his death would not be punishment for his own sin, but would die for the benefit of his kin. This was God’s plan from the beginning. One dies for many to live.

Jesus would be the suffering servant that Isaiah predicted. To the letter. But even more, the suffering servant didn’t die just for Jewish people, but the new covenant is open to all through faith in Jesus. What an amazing plan!

But this plan seems so unusual. How could a suffering servant’s death bring life? Why wouldn’t God have some other, more explosive plan? God’s ways are not like ours, and His plans are not like our plans. Talk this week with your kids about how God’s plan might look strange, but it is His perfect way, and that even when things look hopeless, we can have hope in God.

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2017 Reading Plans January – May

Here’s a simple tool to keep you in the Word.

Spring 2017 Bible Reading Guide

Each week you’re provided 5 daily readings of 1-2 chapters of Bible reading that will prepare you well for Sunday morning sermons, small groups, and Sunday School. If you need extra readings each week, I highly recommend Proverbs and the Gospel of John.

Here’s the same guide in a Word Document: Spring 2017 Bible Reading Guide

God bless,

Pastor Matt


A timely update and a Pastor oops

Hello dear friends in Christ,
#1: I forgot to distribute Reading Guides yesterday. These will be available this coming Sunday. Each week, I’ll recommend 1-2 chapters of Bible reading per day that will prepare you well for Sunday morning sermons, small groups, and Sunday School. Here are some readings for this week:
Jan 23-29 Ezekiel 1 Isaiah 6 Mark 10 Psalm 2 Philippians 1
#2: Tonight we have a meeting at 7PM to discuss our “Growing Up In Maturity” initiatives, Bylaws revisions, a building update, and a time of prayer. All members and regular attenders are invited to attend.
May Christ be near us as we seek to honor Him,
-Pastor Matt
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January 22, 2017: Romans 8:12-13 “What is Living by the Spirit?”

Big Idea:  How do we live by the Spirit?