Purchase Cornerstone Apparel by 1/20/2019

Church Family,

You’ve asked; we’ve delivered. Until January 20th, you can order Cornerstone Apparel.

There are 3 options (click here for a few pics-CornerstoneChurch):

1) Grey T-Shirts with logo and a graphic on back – $9.50

2) Grey long-sleeve sweatshirts w/ logo and a graphic on back – $13.50

3) Black or grey short-sleeve polo with logo on front (great for work/church/etc.) – $19.50


  1) The best and easiest way is to order online anytime (before Jan. 20) with this link: https://cornerstonechruch2019.itemorder.com/sale

  2) Order Sunday January 13 or Sunday January 20th at the church building (a table will be set up). If you order at church, you can pay via credit card, write a check to Cornerstone Church, or pay with cash (exact amount please).

Hopefully, this apparel gives you an opportunity to share with a friend or coworker about what God is doing in our midst!

I’m thankful to be your pastor (I’ll wear my gear loud and proud!),