Month: January 2019

Kids SS – Stephen’s Address

BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 6:8–7:60
MAIN POINT: Stephen was not afraid to die so that others would hear about
KEY PASSAGE: Philippians 2:13
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: What does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit
helps Christians follow Jesus.

Stephen was one of the seven men chosen to serve as leaders in the early church at Jerusalem. (See Acts 6:1-7.) God blessed Stephen and gave him power to do wonders and miracles like some of the apostles.

Some of the Jews accused Stephen of blasphemy and dragged him to the Sanhedrin, a group of Jewish leaders who acted as a legal council. Stephen addressed the group. He drew from the Jewish history, which the leaders in the Sanhedrin would have known well. But Stephen taught from the Old Testament things the Jewish leaders had likely never realized.

As Stephen preached, he showed how the Old Testament pointed to a coming Savior and how that Savior was Jesus. Stephen pointed out that the Jews’ ancestors had rejected God’s prophets. And they were just like their fathers; they rejected the Messiah, the Lord Jesus. Not only did they reject Jesus, they killed Him!

The Jewish leaders rushed at Stephen. Stephen looked into heaven. He saw God’s glory, and Jesus was standing at God’s right hand. The Jews forced Stephen out of the city, and they stoned him.

Remind your kids of Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:22: “You will be hated by everyone because of My name. But the one who endures to the end will be delivered.” Following Jesus will include difficulty and suffering. Jesus gives words of both warning and comfort: “Don’t be afraid” (Matt. 10:26).

Stephen was killed because he was a Christian. Jesus was crucified, and He told His followers that they would be persecuted—hated, hurt, or even killed—for loving Him. Jesus also said that those who suffer for Him would be blessed. (Matthew 5:11) We can face suffering in this life because Jesus suffered first. He died and then rose again, and He is waiting for us in heaven.

Purchase Cornerstone Apparel by 1/20/2019

Church Family,

You’ve asked; we’ve delivered. Until January 20th, you can order Cornerstone Apparel.

There are 3 options (click here for a few pics-CornerstoneChurch):

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  1) The best and easiest way is to order online anytime (before Jan. 20) with this link:

  2) Order Sunday January 13 or Sunday January 20th at the church building (a table will be set up). If you order at church, you can pay via credit card, write a check to Cornerstone Church, or pay with cash (exact amount please).

Hopefully, this apparel gives you an opportunity to share with a friend or coworker about what God is doing in our midst!

I’m thankful to be your pastor (I’ll wear my gear loud and proud!),


January 6, 2019: Exodus 1 “An Evil Land and Enslaved People”

Big Idea:  God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Kids SS – Peter Healed a Beggar

BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 3:1-10; 4:5-31
MAIN POINT: In Jesus’ name, Peter healed a man who could not walk.
KEY PASSAGE: Philippians 2:13
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: What does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit
helps Christians follow Jesus.

With the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples were empowered to carrying out Jesus’ mission for them—to take the gospel to all the nations. More and more people believed in Jesus. They met together at the temple to praise and worship God, and the first church began.

One afternoon, two of Jesus’ disciples—Peter and John—went to the temple to pray. They encountered at the gate a man who could not walk. Rather than give the man money, Peter gave him something much more valuable: immediate physical healing in Jesus’ name.

After Jesus returned to heaven, the Holy Spirit gave the disciples power to begin working. With the power of Jesus’ name, Peter healed a man who was lame. Not even the religious leaders could stop Jesus’ followers from sharing the good news about Jesus.

As you talk with your kids about this Bible story, keep three things in mind. First, Peter’s healing the beggar was not magic; it was a miracle. Beginning in Acts 3:12, Peter responded to the people who were amazed at what had happened. “Why are you amazed at this … as though we had made him walk by our own power?” The man wasn’t healed because Peter was a super-believer. Peter explained that it was by Jesus’ power the man was healed.

Second, the man’s healing made him happy and thankful. He entered the temple and rejoiced! Consider the wonderful miracle of salvation. We are dead in our sin, and God makes us alive in Christ! How we should rejoice and give thanks to the Lord!

Finally, Peter and John were bold in their witness. When confronted by the religious leaders, they did not shy away. Peter and John preached about the salvation found in Jesus. In fact, they said they were “unable to stop speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

The same power that enabled Peter to heal the man who was lame—the power of the Holy Spirit—enables believers today to live on mission for Jesus. Pray that God would give your kids a willingness to be used by Him for His glory and for the fame of Jesus’ name.

Pastor Post: January 3, 2019

Thank you for your many sacrifices and gifts in 2018 (and already in 2019). I’m thankful for a church that gives their time, talent, and treasure for the sake of Christ’s mission on earth. (I’ve included some pictures of the work accomplished on our new classrooms) These are exciting times for our church; God is answering some of the prayers I’ve had since I came in 2010. But let us not be content; the LORD commands us to keep our mouths open and that He will fill them (Psalm 81:10). This means we should never settle. There are more of God’s blessings and goodness to pursue. Hunger and thirst for righteousness. Seek the Kingdom. To God be the glory!

Next up — 2 Questions and 2 Updates

First the questions…

1. Have you put our January worship and prayer nights on your schedule? Every Sunday in January, our church will gather @6:30PM to pray and worship. I’m asking our Church Members especially to prioritize these gatherings so we begin our new year, seeking God’s face together. (There will not be any nursery, but I hope our little ones are present to see Gods’ people pray; older kids are invited to join us in prayer.)

2. Would you like to join a small group in 2019? A small group is a collection of individuals/couples/families that commit to meet weekly for studying God’s Word together, praying, and sharing joys and concerns (and often food too). We have mixed groups that meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays nights, and one women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings at the church facility. Send me an email, give my phone a call, or talk to me on Sunday if I could help you plug into a group.

Now the updates:

1. We will have two missions partners with us this Sunday, January 6. Larry and Jill Couch have just begun a new work in Greece after a lengthy stint in Sarajevo. We’ll pray for them during the Sunday morning service, and then Larry and Jill will be teaching and sharing some more in adult Sunday School.

2. We have a team of 8 willing souls who will go serve Steven and Meg Collier and other missionaries with Send International in Ukraine this August. Please begin praying for our Ukraine Missions Team.

I’m thankful to serve with you!

-Pastor Matt