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August 18, 2019: Hebrews 12:1-3 “For the Joy”

Big Idea: Unpacking the first part of the phrase “For the joy, despite the cost, for the family”

A Faithful Disciple and a Sham King (Mark 6:13-29)

Big Idea: When you are about your Father’s business, there will be trials.

The Problem With Nostalgia (Mark 6:1-12)

Big Idea: Nostalgia gives you all the good feelings from the past without making any demands on you.

July 28, 2019: “Q&A with Pastor Matt Proctor”

Answers to various theological and cultural questions in an open Q&A session.

July 28, 2019: Mark 5:21-43 “Faith That Defies Defeat”

Big Idea: The amount of faith is not as important as the person in whom we believe.