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Pastor Post: 1/16/2020

Church Family,

Noah learned of God’s faithfulness after building the ark for 100 years. Esther knew that the invisible God pulls the strings of history after she spoke in faith to the King of Persia. Peter saw Jesus’ raw power after he took his own step on the water. Hudson Taylor witnessed God’s saving purposes after he left his homeland and built a life in China for 51 years. Those who planted Cornerstone Church didn’t see a single convert until after they left the safety of their former church family.

What steps of faith is God asking us to take? What will happen after we do?

One piece in that puzzle is our church-wide seminar, How God’s Church Grows,” on Saturday February 8th, from 10AM-3PM. You can sign up in the church building’s main foyer. You can read more and sign up online today at this web address:

The event is for our entire church family. The elders desire each person in our church to grow in their understanding and role in church growth and multiplication. Come with your heart open to the LORD’s leading in your life.

Bonus update: Pastor Gary and I have selected Meegan Dyrland as the church’s new administrative assistant. Meegan has a track record of great organizational savvy, a strong work ethic, and experience in administrative work in a local church. She’ll begin the first week of February, with the plan of working most of her 10 hours per week on Wednesdays, and then using Thursday or Friday to finish up her other tasks. Pray for her transition into this new role; when you see her, thank her for joining the staff team!

For the joy, despite the cost, for the family,

Pastor Matt 

Upcoming Events…

Church family,

1) This Sunday (12/22) we’ll celebrate the 4th week of Advent at our 9:25AM Worship Service, watch our children’s Christmas program at 11AM, and join in a family meal/potluck around 11:20/25AM. Please bring friends, as well as, a main dish and a side dish to share.

2) Our Christmas Eve candlelight service is at 6PM on Tuesday 12/24. Included is a special Christmas Reading for little kids and then a proclamation of Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation.

3) Regarding our Statement of Faith Discussion…Thank you for sending your feedback to the elders regarding Article #9 of our Statement of Faith . Based on your replies, the elders would like to a host an informational meeting on Monday night January 20 from 6:30-7:30PM (we’ll end promptly because a Leadership Summit will immediately follow at 7:30PM). We hope most of our members will attend. If the congregation seeks more engagement on this topic after January 20th, we may offer further opportunities. Please review the Elder’s original proposal for the amendment that was published for the November 2019 congregational meeting. (attached)

The meeting’s agenda is as follows:6:30-50: Why the Elders Recommend the Change with Q&A (Randy Pospisil) 
6:50-7:15: A Biblical Look at Different End Times Views with Q&A (Matt Proctor)7:20-30: Open Discussion and Q&A

AUGUST 25, 2019: Luke 14:25-35 “Despite the Cost”

Unfortunately the audio recording did not take for Pastor Matt’s message this week.

Pastor Matt is able to make this early manuscript of the sermon available –

Pastor Post: August 23, 2019

Dear Church Family,

I’m as excited about this year’s fall launch as I have been in a long, long time. We’ve taken some important steps over the past 2 years to strengthen our leadership, focus our mission, and what an amazing gift it has been to see the building transformation and the hiring of Pastor Gary. 

What’s before us? “For the joy, despite the cost, for the family.” Together, let us seek the joy of our Heaveny Father, in sacrificing for King and Kingdom, to see the family of God grow locally and globally. The Church is God’s plan for history. God’s Kingdom will last forever. Let’s make our greatest investments in the Kingdom that will never end; let us do this together!

This Sunday we launch. Please join us for the kickoff celebration and meal at 11AM. We’ll gather in the Sanctuary at 11AM to hear about what’s happening this fall, and then the Church is providing a free meal for everyone! Invite your friends, family, relatives, coworkers, random strangers on the street, neighbors, check out clerks, and anyone you can find. God is up to something at Cornerstone–to God be the Glory!

Click here for a Fall Launch Info Sheet on everything that is launching this year. Sign up for things; pray for everything! 🙂

I love serving as a pastor of this Church!


As you head to worship today…

Three Cornerstone Announcements:

1) Supporting Ukraine: Praise the LORD, all but $500 have come in for our 7-member team. A few final ways you can cupport the Ukraine Missions Team are…   

A – Please come to the monthly Congregational Prayer and Praise meeting tonight @6:30PM at the church. We’ll pray over our team.   

B – You can still place a support check in the Offering Box or give online (Memo-Ukraine):    

C – You can lift up the team by name from now through our return August 10: Jonathan and Meegan Dyrland, Jeff and Laura Olson, Kim Pospisil, Colleen Garnder, & Matt Proctor. 

2) Safe Families for Children: Today, Brett Erickson, director of Safe Familes for Children will join our Worship Service and part of Adult Sunday School to share about this ministry to children, moms, and dads in need. He’ll have a table in the foyer before and after our service. There are many ways to come alongside Safe Families and live out “pure and undefiled religion that cares for orphans and widows in the distress” (James 1:27). More info here:

3) Sunday School for the next few weeks:     Today July 21 – Adults and Kids studying Hebrews 11-12     July 28 – Kids learning about Ministry in Ukraine and Adults/Teens having an open “Q&A/Ask Anything You Desire with Pastor Matt.”     August 4 – Kids and Adults separately praying for the Ukraine Team.