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Kids SS – The Church Was Divided

BIBLE PASSAGE: 1 Corinthians 1:10-31
MAIN POINT: Paul wrote that Christians are joined together by faith in Jesus.
KEY PASSAGE: Galatians 2:20
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Why does God want us to obey Him? Obedience is our response to God’s love for us.

Paul helped start the church in Corinth, a city in southern Greece, during his second missionary journey. Corinth was known for its wickedness. If any city needed a church, this was it. Paul remained in Corinth for about 18 months and then continued traveling to share the gospel and plant more churches.

Six years later, Paul received word from Chloe, a believer in Corinth, that the church there was struggling. The church was fractured and openly engaging in various sins. Some believers were even denying the resurrection! This news surely troubled Paul, so he sat down to write a letter to the church.

One of the first issues Paul addressed was the church’s division. Even if he could help resolve the other issues, a divided church would never be healthy and impact the city the way it needed to. According to Chloe’s report, several factions had formed in the church. Some claimed to follow Paul. Others Apollos. Others Peter. And some even claimed to follow Jesus, which wasn’t as good as it sounded. This group was most likely simply trying to sound more spiritual than the others.

Paul told the Corinthian believers that they should not be divided; they should all be one because of their shared faith in Jesus. Jesus isn’t divided, and He alone died on the cross for them. Paul’s message was clear: the gospel does not divide believers, it unites them.

Paul told believers in the Corinthian church to come together because of the gospel of Jesus. He reminded them that Jesus saves sinners. Because of Jesus and what He has done, believers can humbly come together as one body.

We all—our kids included—are experts in finding ways to divide ourselves. Sin and selfishness divide, but Jesus and the gospel unite. God designed the church to show what true unity among a beautifully diverse people looks like. This week, pray that the message Paul shared with the Corinthian believers takes root in your heart and in the hearts of your kids. Pray that God would break down the barriers we create and bring your kids together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Kids SS – Paul Confronted Peter

BIBLE PASSAGE: Galatians 2:11-21
MAIN POINT: Paul wrote that we are saved through faith in Jesus alone.
KEY PASSAGE: Galatians 2:20
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Why does God want us to obey Him? Obedience is our response to God’s love for us.

Peter—one of Jesus’ original disciples—had grown up in a culture where the Jews believed that God only cared about them, not the Gentiles or non-Jews. Most of the Jews looked down on the Gentiles and refused to even associate with them because Jews believed Gentiles were unclean; Gentiles didn’t live the right way to please God. Any Jew who did associate with Gentiles did so at the risk of being ridiculed by his own people.

After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, God shared with Peter that He loved not only the Jews, but the Gentiles as well. (Acts 10:9-16) Peter took to heart this message from God and began associating with Gentiles, even eating with Gentile believers. That is, until some Jewish believers came around. When he was among Jews, Peter did not eat with the Gentiles and even told them they were supposed to follow certain Jewish laws. But he knew that was not true! Peter also led Barnabas, known for encouraging believers and bringing them together, into acting the same way.

When the apostle Paul learned about this, he confronted Peter in person. Paul reminded Peter that they both knew that God accepts people not based on how they live but by faith. (Rom. 3:21-22) Peter’s actions contradicted that core gospel message.

Paul shared this story with the believers in Galatia (a major province of Rome in modern Turkey) to remind them—and us—of the same truth. Salvation is not based on ethnicity or external obedience to the law. Salvation comes from faith in Jesus Christ, a faith that is freely available to people of every tongue, tribe, and nation.

Peter was wrong to separate himself from the Gentiles. The gospel is for everyone, and we should show love to everyone. Paul reminded Peter that only Jesus can save people from sin. God accepts people who have faith in Jesus, not people who try to earn salvation on their own.

As you talk to your kids this week, encourage them not to wonder if they have what it takes to be saved. Salvation is found in Jesus. Remind them that because God loves all people, we—in Jesus—can love all people too.

Pastor Post: March 15, 2019

Dear Cornertone Family.

We live among people disconnected from God and disconnected from others. Spiritual apathy and relational isolation dot our landscape. Cornerstone Church began in 2000 to offer faith to the hopeless and family to the isolated. Dear friends, we continue that ministry vision. AND…our service and ministy are not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58). Jesus’ message to us is that life-changing ministry both personally and beyond ourselves is about the slow, mostly overlooked acts of faith, done over a long period of time. The praying in the closet, the simple presentations of the gospel, the fasting without outward display, and the kind deeds done by the right hand while the left is unaware–these are what God uses to advance His kingdom.

I’m glad we get to do these things together as a covenant community of faith!!

A few items calendar wise:

Chili Supper, 6PM Wednesday: Invite an unchurched friend or family to the Chili Supper, 6PM Wednesday. Pray for Zac Smith who will be sharing his testimony that night. Our small gruops will take a breather this week so we can all make it to Wednesday’s supper.

Associate Pastor Hiring,Final Steps: On March 24th, Gary Hoobler will share in our worship service and take some congregational Q&A during the 9AM Sunday School hour. Then, Gary is helping lead the Leadership Summit at 7PM Monday March 25th. The congregational vote for calling Gary will be after our worship service and potluck on Sunday March 31. Lord willing, Gary starts April 1 (no fooling :).

Holy Week Events (note time changes): 

Combined Good Friday Service at our Cornerstone Church facility with Northbrook Church, 6PM Friday April 19th (refreshments to follow).

Sunday April 21 – Easter Brunch – 9:15-9:45AM (details to come)

Sunday April 21 – Worship Service – 10AM – We will worship our Resurrected Savior.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). You have been (re)created in Christ Jesus to do good works (Eph. 2). You are a part of a blood-bought people, blood that speaks a word of mercy and hope (Hebrews 12).

Godspeed my brothers and sisters,

Pastor Matt

2019 Easter Week Details (Note: Slight Change in Normal Times)

Combined Good Friday Service at our Cornerstone Church facility with Northbrook Church, 6PM Friday April 19th (refreshments to follow).

Sunday April 21 – Easter Brunch – 9:15-9:45AM (details to come)

Sunday April 21 – Worship Service – 10AM – We will worship our Resurrected Savior.

Kids SS – Paul’s Third Journey

BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 18:1-4,24-28; 20:17-38
MAIN POINT: God helped Paul preach with courage even when he was in danger.
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: How do people hear about Jesus? God uses Christians to tell others about Jesus so they may repent and be saved

Paul’s third missionary journey was unlike his first two because he didn’t set out to plant churches. Instead, his mission was to encourage and strengthen existing churches. Paul wrote letters to the churches, but he knew some guidance was best given in person.

Paul’s journey began when he traveled to the city of Corinth. To make a living, Paul was a tentmaker. Paul became friends with two other tentmakers in Corinth: a man named Aquila and his wife, Priscilla. In his business dealings, Paul was able to share the gospel with many people. The church in Corinth grew.

Paul took Aquila and Priscilla with him to Ephesus. Ephesus was a thriving city in the Roman Empire. Aquila and Priscilla stayed in Ephesus while Paul traveled to other churches and encouraged the believers. While Paul traveled, Aquila and Priscilla interacted with a Jewish believer named Apollos. Apollos was a leader in the early church, and Aquila and Priscilla helped him better understand about Jesus and the Scriptures. Apollos went on to greatly help other believers by showing through Scripture that Jesus is the Messiah.

The Holy Spirit led Paul to go to Jerusalem. This wasn’t an easy call to obey. The Spirit revealed to Paul that imprisonment and suffering awaited in Jerusalem. (See Acts 20:23.) Hadn’t Paul done enough? He had spent years preaching the gospel, and many people believed. Wasn’t now a good time for Paul to retire comfortably on a beach somewhere?

But Paul did not cling to his own life. God helped Paul preach with courage even when he was in danger. Paul boarded the ship to Jerusalem, uncertain of the future but certain of the goodness and grace of the Lord Jesus.

As Paul traveled on his third missionary journey, he used every opportunity to tell people the good news about Jesus and to help the church. Paul was dedicated to Jesus, who called him to do the work of sharing the gospel.