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May 20, 2012: Genesis 32 “The Taming of the Shrewd”

A sermon by Rob Taylor. By day Rob serves and protects as a deputy of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office.

Big Idea:  We must surrender our self-sufficiency.  God’s power is made perfect in weakness.

May 13, 2012: Genesis 29 “Life with Laban”

Big Idea:  God loves the unlovely; God disciplines those He loves.

May 6, 2012: Genesis 28 “The God Who Cannot Be Reached”

Big idea: Though God cannot be reached, He reaches down to us.

April 29, 2012: Genesis 27 “The Need for Blessing”

Big Idea:  Because we have the blessing of God, we can be a blessing.

April 22, 2012: Genesis 25 “God Chooses the Weak”

Big Idea:  God chooses the weak to shame the strong to highlight sovereign grace and human dependence.