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January 8, 2012: Mark 1:9-11 “Delighting in the Divine: Part 2”

Key Question:  How can Christians believe in both a singular Godhead and three Divine Persons? (that’s just bad math.)

Answer:  Because belief in the Trinity is necessary to explain the experience of the early church, the nature of our salvation, and the reality of an eternally loving God.

January 1, 2012: Isaiah 44 “Delighting in the Divine: Part 1”

Big Idea:  How can God be “infinitely perfect” and yet do “all things for His own glory”?  Answer:  Because the manifestation of God’s glory is THE greatest good.

We were not created for something here on the planet – we were created to worship the One who made the planets.

December 25, 2011: John 1:14-18 “God with Skin On”

“We must come to Jesus to know and approach God.” – Pastor Matt Proctor

December 24, 2011: Isaiah 9:1-7 “A Different Kind of King”

Because Jesus is a different kind of king, he offers a different kind of salvation.

Christmas Eve 2011 Devotion

December 18, 2011: John 1:9-13 “How to become a Child of God”

Big Idea:  Our adoption is willed by man but worked by God.