Spiritual Life Retreat, October 26-27

Retreat Information:  

Proverbs 4:23 says that we are to above all else, guard our hearts for from the heart flow the wellsprings of life. Would you be willing to set-aside 30 hours in October to take a break from the daily grind of life to look at your heart? Mark and Carol Doss and Tim Olson will be using their gifts and life experiences to facilitate a refreshing weekend to help us connect with Christ and with one another. The Spiritual Life Retreat will have both large group sessions involving teaching and corporate worship, as well as, personal times for Scriptural meditation and solitude. The goals of the weekend are to worship Christ, receive His gifts, and find rest and refreshment for the soul.

NOTE! One unique aspect of this retreat involves having a Prayer & Dialogue Partner (preferably a person of similar age and gender, and thus not your spouse). We are encouraging those who hope to attend to identify this Prayer & Dialogue Partner before signing up. We will have a few opportunities during the retreat for you to pray with and dialog with your Prayer & Dialogue Partner:  Also, we will have a few suggested follow-up activities for you to do with your Prayer & Dialogue Partner in the weeks that follow the Retreat.

***Retreat brochures and registration forms will be made available during Sunday services in September!! Email Pastor Matt for more details.***

Important Details:

  • Departure: 4PM sharp Friday , October 26th, from the Church Office
  • Return: around 9PM Saturday evening, October 27th
  • Cost: $100 per person (This covers lodging, travel, retreat materials, and 4 meals.)
  • We are only taking the first 20 people to register. We hope to offer a similar retreat in the spring for those who cannot attend the fall retreat.


September 2, 2012: John 13-17 “The Uppermost Room”

Big Idea:  In the Uppermost Room of the Trinity we learn that the One God exists as

– a Triune community of love

– a Triune community of respect

– a Triune community on mission.

This was an introductory sermon for our Fall 2012 series in John 13-17: Learning Community from the Upper Room

Pastor Post: August 30, 2012

The Pastor Post is a bi-monthly update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

August 30, 2012



We are ready to go this Sunday…a new sermon series, new small groups, new reading plans, new dreams, new friends…exciting huh?!?

For those who didn’t catch it, I recommend listening to my sermon from last Sunday. I was able to share a bit about the hopes the elders have for our church this year and present in greater detail the 2012-2013 Vision. You can listen or download the sermon here:  http://cornerstone-marion.org/2012/08/26/august-26-2012-psalm-133-beautiful-unity/

By way of reminder, the elders are inviting each person to take steps of faith to grow as a life-giving friend in God’s family. We believe there are 3 core practices that serve as pathways to this end: 1) Contribute to God’s work with your time, talent and treasure; 2) Belong to God’s family by getting involved in a weekly small group; and 3) Pursue a David-Jonathan friendship this year. Each of these ideas will be discussed and encouraged throughout the year in greater depth. Would you today commit to pray for your church family and your own heart that we might each grow as life-giving friends in God’s family?

Church News:

New Sermon Series and Small Groups Launching September 2:  Please consider jumping into a Cornerstone Church small group as we study John 13-17 this Fall (details will be in this week’s bulletin). Our sermon series is called “Learning Community from the Upper Room.” More info can be read about this new series here: http://cornerstone-marion.org/2012/08/23/fall-2012-series-learning-community-from-the-upper-room/

Sermon Series Study Aids: Each Sunday Pastor Matt will have personal study guides available for those who would like to do some personal Bible study in preparation for the upcoming and small group. These study guides will also be sent out each week via email (see attachment to this week’s Pastor Post). So too, we have Daily Reading Guides available for people desiring to get in the Word daily. If you would appreciate some direction this Fall on passages that relate to the sermon series, you can get a copy of the reading guide on the table by the offering box this Sunday or online at: http://cornerstone-marion.org/docs/Fall_2012_Reading_Guide.pdf Don’t forget we will also be memorizing John 15:1-17.

Spiritual Life Retreat (October 26-27): We will be taking 20 adults on a weekend away to focus on spiritual disciplines, the value of rest, and to grow in intimacy with the LORD and each other (more details to come). Please mark your calendars. Once retreat information comes out, we will take the first 20 to register. For those who cannot attend this Fall, we hope to offer a similar retreat in the Spring.

By grace,

Pastor Matt

August 26, 2012: Psalm 133 “Beautiful Unity”

A sermon on the 2012-2013 vision for Cornerstone Church…

Big Idea:  Unity is a beautiful achievement, a priestly luxury, a refreshing stream and a taste of heaven.

Fall 2012 Series: Learning Community from the Upper Room

The adventure begins September 2, 2012. The adventure involves great risk, but the rewards are well worth it.

Here’s what the adventure looks like Fall 2012…

1. Pastor Matt is going to be preaching a sermon series “Learning Community form the Upper Room” from John 13-17.

2. You are invited to attend a weekly small group that will be attempting to live out the kind of community principles we learn from John 13-17.

3. You are also invited to do some personal study. A Daily Reading Guide is available listing Scripture readings up to Thanksgiving. So too, Pastor Matt will be providing a Weekly Personal Study guide via email and on print one week in advance of each sermon.

4. Starting September 2, we will also be memorizing one verse each week from John 15:1-17.

We invite each of you to grow as a life-giving friend in God’s family. We are asking God to make us a church that reflects beautiful unity through Christ-centered community. To accomplish this we need your prayers and participation.