June 9, 2019: Mark 2:23-3:6 “The Essence and Aim of Sabbath”

Feasting and Fasting (Mark 2:13-22)

Big Idea: Jesus would have gotten an “F” in virtue-signalling…

Pastor Post: May 30, 2019


I wanted to invite you to a few key opportunities for seeking the LORD as a church family:

#1: After preaching on fasting this Sunday, I’m going to join whoever will join me next Wednesday to fast before the LORD on behalf of our church and city. Those interested can join me during the lunch hour next Wednesday, June 5, from 12-1PM to pray (we’ll meet in Sunday School Room we use for Sunday morning prayer).

#2: Our next Sunday night of Congregational Prayer is Sunday night June 9th @6:30PM. We worship the LORD in song, pray personally and in small gruops, and wait on the LORD together.

#3: Then, I’d like our entire church family to be in prayer for the June 10-11th elder retreat. Pray that your shepherds hear the Great Shepherd speaking and leading our church family. Your willingness to pray and fast for those 2 days would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Pastor Matt

Suffering, Sin, and the Son of Man (Mark 2:1-12)

Big Idea: Bring your own suffering and bring your own sin to the Son of God. He can do amazing things!

The Jesus We Want and the Jesus We Don’t (Mark 1:40-45)

Big Idea: We want Jesus to be compelling, but sometimes He is demanding.