New January 2012 Sermon Series:
“Delighting in the Divine: An Exploration of Article I of the Evangelical Free Church Statement of Faith”
A.W. Tozer has rightly observed, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” As such, the elders plan to set aside the first 3 Sunday worship services of 2012 to look at the theology of God as it is stated by the first article of our Statement of Faith. We will return to Genesis and our sermon-based small groups at the end of January and throughout the Spring.

We will tackle these 3 questions that deal with 3 seemingly contradictory ideas that are stated in Article I of our Statement of Faith:

January 1: How can God be “infinitely perfect” and yet do “all things for His own glory”? (Isn’t living for your own glory the epitome of evil?)

January 8: How can Christians believe in both a singular Godhead and three Divine Persons? (That’s just bad math.)

 January 15: How come an all-wise and all-powerful God needs to redeem anything? (How could such a “perfect” God make a mistake?)

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