Dear Church Family,

I am getting very excited about our Summer Series “Drinking Deeply in Dark Days” that will focus on the Psalms and Prayer! Sunday May 27, June 3, and June 10 are Launch Sundays. Let me update you on how you can be a part of the LAUNCH.

1 – READING: If you haven’t already, grab a summer reading guide. We encourage every person a part of our church family to read through the Psalms this summer. We all start reading on June 3. There are questions for each day on the reading guide to help you dig a bit into the message of the Psalms.
2 – PRAYING: We want every person in our church to have a prayer partner. This is where the P.M.S. comes in.  The P.M.S. is the Partner Matching Service (what else could it be? :)). On Sunday May 27, June 3, and June 10 a table will be set up in the foyer. Please come to this table and let us know who your prayer partner is for the summer. Or if you need help finding a partner, we would be happy to pair you up with another friend at Cornerstone Church.
3 – LEARNING: Starting June 3, I will start preaching a psalm a week from the Book of Psalms.

As the summer goes one, we hope to hear from you on what you are learning about prayer, what prayers God is answering, and how prayer is bringing you into a deeper relationship with God and His people.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday as we have our final sermon from the book of Genesis. Thank you for going on this journey of faith together!

God bless,
Pastor Matt

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