Church Family!

Starting this Sunday July 15 and on July 22, you will have the opportunity to choose to help one or two students from Bowman Woods Elementary or Oak Ridge Middle School with the purchase of their 2012-2013 School Supplies.

Here’s how this will work:

1) On Sunday 15 or 22, you can sign up in the lobby to provide school supplies for either a boy or girl in Kindergartner through 5th grade at Bowman Woods Elementary or a boy or girl 6th-8th grade from Oak Ridge Middle school. You are signing up to buy the school supplies. You do not need to purchase a backpack for the child. If you want to buy a backpack and fill them with the supplies that will be great. Just know that that is an optional contribution.

2) We have school supply needs for 25 students. If we run out of school supply lists, we will let people sign up to bring a backpack by itself.

3) On Sunday July 29 (or before at the church office), we need all of our school supplies and backpacks returned. We will then deliver them to Marion Cares (the non-profit organization organizing this school supply drive). Please make sure you attach the information on the school supplies for which grade, gender, and school you are blessing.

We have a great opportunity to serve our community this summer. May we be a light that draws others to worship our Father in heaven.

Thanks again!

-Pastor Matt

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