The adventure begins September 2, 2012. The adventure involves great risk, but the rewards are well worth it.

Here’s what the adventure looks like Fall 2012…

1. Pastor Matt is going to be preaching a sermon series “Learning Community form the Upper Room” from John 13-17.

2. You are invited to attend a weekly small group that will be attempting to live out the kind of community principles we learn from John 13-17.

3. You are also invited to do some personal study. A Daily Reading Guide is available listing Scripture readings up to Thanksgiving. So too, Pastor Matt will be providing a Weekly Personal Study guide via email and on print one week in advance of each sermon.

4. Starting September 2, we will also be memorizing one verse each week from John 15:1-17.

We invite each of you to grow as a life-giving friend in God’s family. We are asking God to make us a church that reflects beautiful unity through Christ-centered community. To accomplish this we need your prayers and participation.

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