We will be well rested for church and the business meeting this coming Sunday as we fall back to Standard time. On Saturday, November 3 we are planning a small, low intimidation factor Outreach to some of our neighbors in Marion. I have 128 9-volt batteries for smoke detectors and change time reminders to show love and care for some of our neighbors in Marion. I need people to:

* Assemble packets with battery and reminder sheet
* Pass out packets

I thought we would go door to door in the mobile home park behind K Mart and the mobile homes near the Church Office. You can just bless people with the gift or you may be led to converse about spiritual things. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. If you’d rather go around your own neighborhood that is fine, too.

If you are willing and able to participate meet at the Olson’s House: 945 Parkview Dr, Marion at 1 PM. Put in as much time as you are able. The more people the faster it will go.


Jeff Olson

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