The Pastor Post is a regular update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

July 18, 2013


This Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. This physical meal reminds us that Jesus came in a physical body, died in his physical body, and conquered death with a resurrected and physical body. God cares about the physical world.

Think of all the times in Jesus’ ministry when he healed sick bodies. Think of the early ministry of the apostles in the power of the Spirit performing miracles signs and wonders in this physical world. All of these miracles reveals that Jesus it the King over the Kingdom, a Kingdom that will culminate in a new heaven and a new earth. We have a physical future!

And yet  as that great Day approaches, we press on. We desire to see individual people believe in the resurrected Christ. We desire the justice, joy, and healing of the kingdom to impact our lives, church, and world. We pray that God’s kingdom would come. So, as you prepare you heart for communion this Sunday, remember the King, treasure his Kingdom, and rejoice in the fact that the Kingdom has been prepared for the little, broken, weak and willing children who run into  the Father’s arms.

Important News:

 Ministry Opportunity–Safe Families for Children: On Sunday July 28th we will have a representative, Mirinda Cole, form Safe Families and Children present to us a possible ministry opportunity. She would like you to considering helping just one child in need in this area.  Would you be willing to open up your home to a child in crisis?

      Safe Families for Children™(SFFC) is a network of volunteer Christian families who provide temporary care for children whose parents are experiencing a crisis.
      Host Families include singles, married couples with or without children, and empty nesters who make room in their hearts and homes for children in need. SFFC volunteers can have a powerful, positive impact on the lives of others while practicing biblical hospitality, extending the love of Christ to people in need, and sharing their faith—all from their own homes!   You can help build this safety net of care!  Learn more at

Support “Marion Cares” with back-to-school supplies: Cornerstone Church is once again partnering with Marion Cares to provide backpacks with school supplies for needy students in the Marion school district.  We will need to have the backpacks returned on or before July 28th.

I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.

-Pastor Matt
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