Our 2013-2014 ministry focus is this: we desire to be a more fruitful church as we become a more faithful church. Ultimately, only God can bring real spiritual fruit, growth, and transformation. And yet, we know that God chooses to work in and through His people, the church.

Would you be willing to prayerfully participate this year in taking a step of faith to be more faithful as a Christ-follower? In particular, would you take a step of faith in your prayer life, your commitment to service, and your willingness to speak of Christ to a lost and hurting world?

If so, we hope that our church as a whole would be marked by these 3 qualities by year end:

1) Spirit-dependent prayer; 2) God-exalting service; 3) Christ-centered evangelism.

In order to foster this kind of environment, we encourage every person to be worshiping Christ during Sunday morning worship and by belonging to a weekly small group gathering of Christians to study God’s Word and to pray. In addition, we hope that these gatherings move us as individuals, small groups, and as the corporate body to more intentionally pray, care, and share Christ with our community. May God bring fruitfulness as we endeavor to be faithful to Him.


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