Month: December 2013

December 29, 2013: Leviticus 16; 23 “Why Jesus Came to Dwell with Us, Part #4: To Fulfill”

Big Idea:  The law is only a shadow of the ultimate fulfillment of the law through Jesus Christ!

December 24, 2013: Matthew 2:1-21 “Outsiders”

Big Idea:  Jesus came into the world for outsiders.

December 22, 2013: Leviticus 11ff “Why Jesus Came to Dwell with Us, Part 3: To Live”

Big Idea:  God wants His people to stand out – He wants them to be distinct.

December 15, 2013: Leviticus 9 “Why Jesus Came to Dwell with Us, Part 2: To Mediate”

Big Idea:  Bow and rejoice because God has provided a mediator to allow us to be with Him.

Youth Christmas Party – Friday January 3

Who: 8th graders on up.

When: Friday, January 3, 6-9PM

Where: At The Warehouse (AKA the church building) – 925 Blairs Ferry Road.

What: Food, games, white elephant gift exchange. We’ll have pizza/pop/veggies/treats.

Bring a white elephant wrapped gift for the exchange with no tags.

Questions and to RSVP: Colleen Gardner, or 842-3225