One of the dreams the leaders have for this church is that we would be a church marked by “Spirit-dependent Prayer.”

I’ve been encouraged to see prayer alive in our church in many different ways. I know that your small groups pray. I know that people meet in pairs, triads, and small groups at other times to hold each other up in prayer. I know that the different ministry leaders are beseeching God. I know that a number of you have been a part of city-wide prayer gatherings. I know that many of you pray for your pastor and other leader daily (thank you!). Praise God…but let’s keep asking for more.

It would bring me even greater joy to see each Christian and our church collectively develop an even deeper dependence on the living God. May we be submitting our lives more and more to the guidance of the LORD. May we be a church that is marked not primarily by doing (which suggests we are in charge), but rather more by seeking God’s face, blessing, and power.

Let me give you three ways you might embark on a fresh journey of being a Spirit-dependent person of prayer:

1) Grab a “Seek God for the City” Prayer Guide. These are guides to facilitate 40 days of prayer leading up to Palm Sunday. Starting March 5, you will have a guided prayer for the city, nations on the globe, and for your local church. These guides are available again near the welcome area at the church building this Sunday, and if we run out, we can get more asap.

2) Join the Wednesday morning crew. From 6-6:45AM, a handful of people gather in Pastor Matt’s study at the church building to ask God to work in our church family and in our community. Would you be willing to sacrifice sleep to join us and pray with us? Feel free to bring your whole family in their pajamas, if needed! (Also, if you want to start a prayer group at another time during the week, let me know and we’ll let others know.)

3) Come to the March 10th congregational prayer meeting. At 7:30PM on Monday March 10, the whole church will be gathering to pray. There will be Scriptures, songs, and various ways to pray for our neighborhood, church, and city.

The famous late 19th and early 20th century pastor Charles Spurgeon was once asked why he had such a growing church and ministry. Without any hesitation, Spurgeon responded, “My people pray for me.”

Likewise, our church’s ministry future as a whole (and your pastor’s particularly) is subject to God’s involvement. Let’s ask God to work today…even now, pause 2 minutes and pray for your church family, your church leaders, and for the friends, family, and community members you hope to see touched by the living God. May Christ receive all the glory and the honor.

Serving with you,

Pastor Matt

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