So, you made it to an Easter service at a local church. Not only did you feel good that you went, you actually liked it.  You got a sense that life is bigger than what gets depicted on a prime-time sitcom.  You felt the gravity of the occasion and even a bit of joy.  The preacher didn’t make you fall asleep and a few of the songs connected with your soul.  This Jesus who lived in real space-time history, conquered death, and offers forgiveness is quite captivating.

What do you do now?

Option #1: Assume it was just a random coincidence and stay far far away from those crazy religious people.

Option #2: Plan to go back next Easter. Seriously, it can’t be that good every week (could it?)…or

Option #3: (my recommendation) Go back to the same church this Sunday. Feel free to email the friend who took you this week or contact the pastor who preached (you can usually find them on the church’s website). Ask them questions. Express your doubts. Heck, most pastors would even buy you lunch to talk about your impressions, concerns, and thoughts…that’s what they love to do!

And if you attended my church this Sunday, shoot me an email ( or call me at 447-1688. Let’s do lunch.

-Pastor Matt Proctor

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