By way of reminder, the elders are encouraging each person at Cornerstone Church to take an extended time for reflection each month. During these times, please pause and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in a time of personal evaluation.

Questions for monthly reflection are as follows:

What impact is happening in your personal world? Are you more patient, kind, loving, joyful, etc.?

What impact is occurring in your home world? Are you a better sibling, child, parent, and/or spouse? Are you growing in love and respect for those closest to you?

What impacts are evident in your work world? Are you working more diligently, with greater integrity, and with a passion to honor God and serve neighbor? Are you putting the needs of others (customers, coworkers, etc.) before your own?

What impact is resulting among your neighbors? Are you building friendships with those you live near, work beside, and interact with? Are you finding ways to serve needs and share Christ? 

What impact is moving out to the nations? Are you praying more for people around the world? Are you financially supporting those serving Christ around the globe in increasing measure? Are you taking personal steps to share Christ locally and globally with those most in need?

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