lectureThe Pastor Post is a regular update from Pastor Matt with a brief meditation as well as information on upcoming events in the life of Cornerstone Church.

Dear Church family,

It’s an interesting season in the life of our church family. On one hand we are building something special at our Warehouse for Worship. Each week the sanctuary construction at 925 Blairs Ferry Road continues. Each week we see this space become closer to reality. Soon we will worship God together in song, in Word, and in receiving the Lord’s Supper and baptism. Thank you for your labors and your financial gifts.

On the other hand, we are building week in and week out the church of God.This is not to be confused with any physical structure. The church of God is the collection of God’s people who covenant together to honor the LORD and fulfill His mission on this earth. I’m seeing teenagers be instructed in the ways of God. I’m watching seniors explore and surrender to Jesus for salvation and life the first time in their lives. I’m seeing young married couples working together to honor Christ. I’m seeing married couples into the 3rd and 4th decade of their marriages still pursuing Christ and holiness in their marriages.

It is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, and glorious. What a mighty God we serve!

Rather than list off a series of announcements in this Pastor Post, let me offer some prayer requests for our church family and the ministries of this church (maybe you could print this off and put it in your Bible for the next month):

1) Pray for the congregational meeting this Sunday November 16. Pray that we as God’s family would have the mind of Christ regarding our future servant-leaders, financial commitments, and ministry goals.

2) Pray for the new arrival of Evelyn Jessa McCreary yesterday (Nov. 13) and parents Mark and Katheryn. Pray also for Andrew and Laura Bigler as they are in the final weeks of their pregnancy. Pray also for those who desire children and yet are in a season of waiting. Pray for those children and parents who are currently estranged from one another. Pray for healing, grace, and restoration.

3) Pray for the outreach ministries of our church family. Pray that our Operation Christmas Child boxes speak Christ’s love around the world. Pray for the missionaries of Cornerstone Church (McKinnons, Colliers, Couches, Hesses, and our regional and national denominational support). Pray for other ways we can express Christ’s love and truth this holiday season.

4) Pray for our continued building progress. Pray for our dedicated volunteer labor force who set aside personal projects and responsibilities to support our church. Pray for continued financial generosity during 2014 that allow for us to complete the major phases of this building project. Pray that we’d honor the LORD with proportional sacrifices reflecting His great gifts to us.

5) Pray for the planning and implementation of new ministry endeavors in 2015. Pray for our small groups ministries. Pray for new ministries being developed to help new visitors connect to Cornerstone, ministries to proclaim the Gospel, and ministries that give people a “next step” for their spiritual growth. Your shepherds need wisdom; pray for them.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Matt

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