smallgroups In keeping with our vision “In the Word for our worlds,” we hope every person at Cornerstone Church will plug into a small group Bible study. For the sake of our homes, work places, neighbors, and the nations, let us humbly study and apply God’s Word together. Groups start the week of January 19-23!!

 Mondays @10AM – “10 Keys for Unlocking the Bible” – Women’s Bible Study

Meets at the church building, led by Carrie Proctor (981-1525), Lisa Weber, and Deb Hammes

Tuesdays @10AM – Sermon-Based Women’s Bible study

Meets at Virginia McVay’s (Hilltop Apartments, 439 Lindale Dr Apt 205 Marion), led by Mary Taylor (360-1350)

6:30PM Tuesdays – “For the Life of the World” – Adult Bible Study

Meets @ the Erlachers (4717 Savannah Ct SE CR), led by David and Nancy Griffith (848-8256)

7:30PM Tuesdays – “The Gospel-Centered Life” – Adult Bible Study

Led by Jay and Molly Hardinger and meets in their home (1626 Linmar Dr. CR, 641-420-0551)

6:30PM Wed. – Video-based study by David Platt called “Life on Mission” –  Adults, Parents & Teens

Meets at @ the Schultz’s (4751 Chestnut Trail Cedar CR), led by Jeff Olson (573-0669)

6:30PM Wednesdays – Sermon-Based Bible Study for Adults

Meets @ the Dryden’s (740 Williams Drive Marion) and led by Greg and Becky Dryden (373-2202) & David and Colleen Gardner (842-3225)

7PM Wednesdays – DVD-Based Marriage Study called Marriage Oneness from Family Life

Meets @ the Leverett’s (525 6th St Marion) led by Rob & Jennifer Taylor (362-5494)


*Note at present, none of these groups provides childcare. If you need financial assistance to pay for childcare in order to attend any of these small groups, please contact Pastor Matt.

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