1433526670For those willing and able to read Tom Nelson’s book Work Matters in advance of his April 7-9 visit to us, here are some open reading groups you can join:

Monday evening women’s group from different churches around CR

Facilitator: Serve the City’s Patricia Daugherty, Patricia at imonmail.com

Contact facilitator for times/location


Mondays @ 7:30PM – Church Building – For any Cornerstone attender

Led by Cornerstone Church Elders, theelders @ cornerstone-marion.org

Meetings – 1/19 (read thru page 50), 2/16 (thru page 122), 3/16 (to end)


Mondays @6:30PM – Cedar Rapids Public Library – Men’s study with men from different churches in the CR Metro area

Facilitator: Jamie Jonas, Stonebridge Church,jjchildofgod at gmail.com

Meetings: 1/19, 1/26, 2/9, 2/23


Wednesday @7AM – Panera on Council Street – Men’s study with men from different churches in the CR Metro area

Led by Gabe Erickson, Redeemer Church, gabrial.erickson at gmail.com

First meeting – 1/21 (no reading for the first meeting)


Saturdays @8-9:30AM – Cornerstone building – Women’s study  

Facilitator: Mary Lou Erlacher, marylouerlacher at gmail.com

Meetings – 1/31 (chapters 1-3), 2/28 (chps. 4-6), 3/28 (chps. 7-10)

May divide into 2 groups depending on number


Saturdays @10AM – Westside Coffeesmiths – Women’s reading group

Facilitator: Jolynn Glanzer, Stonebridge Church, j.glanzer at yahoo.com

Next meeting – 1/24/15; read chapters 2&3

Open to Single Women; 2 currently; 2 more welcome


Sunday @8AM – Cornerstone Church building – Men’s study

Facilitator: Darrel Hershberger, ddhersch at gmail.com

Meetings – 1/25 (thru chapters 1-2), 2/8 (chp. 3-4), 2/22 (chps. 5-6),

3/8 (chps. 7-8), 3/22 (chps. 9-10)

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