Church family,

Our church has been awarded a fellowship in order to participate in the 2015 Vocation Infusion Learning Community (VILC). This is a gathering of over a dozen churches with paid pastoral staff and congregation members who serve in the marketplace and community.

The purpose of VILC is to help our church better equip the saints for their various vocations at home, work, among neighbors, and to the nations.

Another Evangelical Free Church pastor wrote up a summary a year ago on this opportunity: What in the world is a vocation infusion? | Trevor Lee

So too, another church explained the opportunity this way a few years back:

Mary Lou Erlacher and I will travel to four (all-expenses-paid) trainings over the next 10 months. We’ll bring back ideas and truths to be shared with our Elder Team and various ministry leaders.

Pray God blesses this journey for our church.

Thank you,
Pastor Matt
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