prayer-on-my-knees4Summer 2015 has arrived. As we move into the summer as a church, would you commit to spend a few minutes each day to pray for your church family?

Some important prayers:
Prayers of gratitude:
– Thank God for those who have been baptized this year and for those who have professed faith in Jesus Christ.
– Thank God for those who have grown in their walk with God.
– Thank God for those thinking deeply about how they are trying to honor God at work and their various callings.
– Thank God for your fellow members, friends, and small group members in this body.
– Thank God for sending Jesus to die in our place and redeem us by His blood.
Prayers of petition:
   * Pray for your elders, specifically June 9-10 during their retreat, that they would sense where the LORD would have us go this year. Pray that God would raise up new shepherds in the coming year.
   * Pray for our small groups and small group leaders–pray that this summer would be a time of needed rest, refreshment, and refocus for ministry for the next ministry year. Pray that God would raise up new small group leaders.
   * Pray for our Sunday morning gatherings and various summer groups that are meeting this for the sake of making disciples.
   * Pray for those in seasons of great trial and transition.
   * Pray that your pastor would love God and His Word, and live and preach faithfully.
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