church-newsJune 26, 2015

Dear Church Family,

This week has been hard on my soul. Earlier in the week, a pastor of note admitted to adultery. He dishonored the LORD and the vows of marriage. (May God grant grace to him, his family, and his church.)
Then, this morning the Supreme Court of the United States gave license to same-sex ‘marriage,’ thereby going against God’s design of marriage between one man and one woman for life. It’s on weeks like this when I can feel defeated and in despair. Like the psalmists, I want to cry out for justice and mercy, for aid and refuge. 
But then I remember, that Jesus Christ tasted suffering, death, and despair. Ultimately, he swallowed all manner of darkness on the Cross, and in so doing, we have the hope of salvation and the undoing of evil at the end of time. So, we are free to rest in God’s sovereignty. All efforts for righteousness are noted in the annals of heaven. So too, we can rejoice that all suffering here is preparing us for the tear-less eternity to come. (See also, a helpful article by Christianity Today on Six Things To Do after the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage)
I look forward and desperately need the time of worship with you all this Sunday. We together will remember that Jesus is on the throne. Jesus stands now ready to forgive and grant mercy to all who will come to Him in repentance. Soon He will return to fully rule and reign over His creation.
A few updates on what is coming up at Cornerstone Church:
All Church Picnic July 5: We will be having an all-church picnic at John & Lesia Stuelke’s house on July 5th. Please bring your own lunch and lawn chairs. Bring towels and swimsuits for their pool (1 piece for girls and ladies) if you would like to swim. Their address is 108 S. Hillcrest Circle in Center Point. Don’t forget sunscreen 😉
Sermon Series in August: Pastor Matt is going to preach four sermons in August that attempt to “scratch where you’re itching.” Please give feedback via email, social media, or by filling out a feedback form this Sunday (your last chance to vote!). Click this link for more details.
New Service Times start JULY 26: Remember that our main Worship Service will be at 9:25AM starting Sunday July 26th. Our education hour will begin at 11AM. Be on the lookout in September for some new education offerings at 11AM. We are also seeking new volunteers to help with the nursery, children’s, and adult ministries at 11AM. Talk to Pastor Matt for details.
Building update: We are beginning construction on a simple kitchen in the southern portion of our main lobby. Be on the lookout for Work Nights this summer. There is still much work to be done to finish The Warehouse for Worship. We need you time, talent, and treasure to finish this dream. Thanks so much for what you’ve already contributed!!
I love serving as your pastor.
In Christ,
Pastor Matt
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