July 23, 2015


We are half-way through summer, which means we’re beginning to gear up for the launch of our fall ministries. We are recruiting Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, small group hosts, etc. It’s a heavy season for many in this church, but by design, for some of you it is a season to rest and recharge.Would you use your remaining summer well?

First, please rest. Enjoy the creation God has given us. Go outside; take a walk; take a nap; go on a vacation; turn off all your electronics; visit a park or river; marvel at the Creator and His many gifts.

Second, pray and fast. Pray for the many individuals and families who are unable to rest because of illness, sorrow, and schedules. Pray for your church and the ministry leaders preparing quality evangelistic and growth opportunities in the coming year. Pray for how you should contribute to God’s work in the coming year.

Third, join the gathered church each Lord’s Day. With more vacations and less formal ministry, it’s easy to get in a habit of neglecting Sunday morning worship. I implore you to not let this happen (Heb. 3:13; 10:24-25). Even if you are out of town, find another Evangelical Free Church or gospel-preaching church. Our souls are delicate things…just a little neglect takes us on dangerous trajectories.

Fourth, keep in the know. The elders believe good days are ahead. We want you to not only be present for them, but join us in God’s work…

So don’t miss these upcoming opportunities:

9:25AM – New Worship Service Time starts THIS SUNDAY, July 26Remember that our main Worship Service will be at 9:25AM starting Sunday July 26th. Our education hour will begin at 11AM. Be on the lookout in September for some new education offerings at 11AM. We are also seeking new volunteers to help with the nursery, children’s, and adult ministries at 11AM. Talk to Pastor Matt for details.

Family Meeting, Monday Night, 7PM, July 27: There will be an important informational meeting for all members and regular attenders Monday night July 27 at 7PM. The elders will present information regarding our building progress, our 2015-2016 vision, and the possibility of adding to the church staff.

Your fellow worker,

Pastor Matt
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