Month: July 2015

New Service Time – Starts July 26, 2015

847908.service-timesRemember that starting July 26, our Sunday morning worship gathering will be at 9:25AM with our Sunday School hour to follow at 11AM.

Mark your calendars.

Invite your friends to our 9:25AM service at 925 Blairs Ferry Road.

July 12, 2015: James 5:1-12 “A Word to the Haves and Have-Nots”

Big Idea:  Our exit is approaching; are we ready?

July 5, 2015: James 4:11-17 “Playing God with Lives and Lips”

Big Idea:  When we make God God, we can finally play that game [of life] as it was meant to be.

Work Day Report and July 9, 16 Work Days to Come…

Church-Work-Day_tThanks to all who came out and helped yesterday (July 2).  It looks like the new phase of the building project is starting out strong.

Thanks to the three ladies that came early and covered up Nursery items and toys.  Thanks to our new young Stevedore (you know who you are) that spent the afternoon hauling in materials.  And last but not least, thanks to the ten people that came and got the kitchen started, the wall trim details advanced, and most of the demo done.  Good job everyone.
It’s hard to predict the future of a project so early, but it seems very possible that if we can get a contractor to do the bathroom we could see our part of this phase done this summer.
Lets plan to reconvene the next two Thursdays (July 9 and 16 @5PM) and then see how it looks.
Thanks again
David Gardner