surveymonkeyDear Church Family,


We are at a critical point in our church’s history. When I arrived 6 years ago, we had no facility, internal confusion, and some broken hearts. God has carried us through all manner of highs and lows. By God’s grace, we are in a facility, but the two plus years focusing on our facility has made it difficult to focus attention on other ministry concerns. Like most churches, we have exciting stories and sad stories, growing leaders and tired leaders, testimonies of God’s grace and experiences of sin and the fall.


The elders think it wise to enter into a season of prayer and evaluation. On the backside of this prayer and evaluation, we hope to move forward with strategic planning.

In order to pray and plan well, we need to hear from you. Thus, we desire every Cornerstone regular attender and member to fill out a short survey:

The survey should take you 5-10 minutes, but the insights would be super helpful.

Would you go to this link right now and give us your thoughts?


Pastor Matt
PS We’d like all surveys back in the next few weeks.
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