It’s a new Sunday school year starting a week from today. I’m excited to be taking the reigns from Lisa Weber for the kids Sunday school opening time. Lisa is moving over to teach Jr. High. I’m so thankful for her ministry to our kids, and I’m sure she’s going to love her new role as well.

We begin this time in the Gospel Project with the start of the kingdom. Here’s what you need to know to work with your kids before next Sunday:
  • The passage: 1 Samuel 8-10
  • key verse: Psalm 47:7-8.
  • Theme: Israel demands a king.
  • The big picture question: “Who Is Our King?”
  • The big picture answer: “Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.”
When I read this story of Israel demanding a king I always think of 1 month after Christmas. What?! Christmas? Sure. Christmas is that time when we ask for presents, then about a month later we think “why did I ask for this?” A little gift-receivers remorse I guess. I expected something that would be life-changing, but that present, like everything else, is disappointing.
Israel asked for a king because they looked at what they had and realized it was not what all of the other nations had. They didn’t want to be saved and told what to do by judges anymore. And they didn’t want to have to fight battles any more. Give us a king that will fight for us!
They didn’t realize that what they would get would be a mess. God had planned for them to have a king one day, but not this day and not this way. God’s plan was for them to have a good king that would lead the country in the right way. The king they got would make life more insecure and more dangerous, and worse, it would take them further from God.
Here’s an idea to help drive it home for your kids. Early this week, have the kids each pick one little item to carry around with them. Maybe a little stuffed animal or lego guy. Make sure they pick out one that they really like but that won’t get in the way at school. Remind them to carry it around with them wherever they go, they can’t leave it behind. Towards the end of the week, ask them about carrying it around. How did it feel to have to carry that thing with you everywhere? At the beginning it sounded like a great idea. Did it end up that way? Sometimes what seems like a good idea ends up being not so great. But when we follow God’s plan, then it really is great.
I’m excited to get started this year with the kids and the Gospel Project. I hope you are too. If you missed the meeting and didn’t receive your family materials, please let me know and I’ll get them to you. Have a great week!
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