The Gospel ProjectIsn’t it wonderful that God is one that keeps his promises. You can count on the fact that God will always keep his word. Here’s what you need to know for this week:

We skip ahead in the story quite a bit this week. David is now seated on the thrown as the king of Israel and his life of turmoil is finally at peace. Saul is dead and the kingdom is in hand. Now David’s mind turns to building a house for God. But God says that instead God will build a house for David. God promises that there will always be a king from his family on the thrown in Israel. It will never be taken away, like it was taken from Saul.

That promise was given to David, and it holds true today. Jesus is the Davidic king promised to David. The genealogies in the gospels make clear that Jesus is the promised king, and it looks to this important passage as the source of that promise. Not all of the kings in David’s line were stellar. Some were downright rotten. But God always kept his promise to David.

This would be a great week to venture into your own genealogy. As a family, trace your roots back, and as you do, talk about how God has been at work in your family. Maybe you have a rich spiritual heritage you can trace back. Maybe you have cautionary tales to tell of people from your past. In either case, focus on how God works in history, and how he keeps his promises.

Another great activity would be to read the genealogies in the gospels. How many characters can you and your kids identify? See Matthew 1:1-17, and for a cute and creative way to go through them, listen to Matthew’s Begats by Andrew Peterson (on YouTube at

Have a great week.

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