I asked you to pray for Steven and Meg Collier everyday this week; how are you doing?

Is the LORD leading you to support them financially? Is the LORD asking you to join thInline image 1eir prayer team?

And now, THREE REASONS you should come this Saturday to hear about their ministry:

#1: God’s heart is for the nations. We will not reflect God’s heart if we do not sacrifice time and money to invest in the nations. Even if you do not give a cent to Steve and Meg or to Ukraine. Their work and passion for Jesus beyond the globe will encourage you. Your kids will benefit too, maybe even more.
#2: We are a supporting church. Cornerstone Church commits dollars each month to their ministry. You will vote again in November on whether we continue to do that and for a certain amount. It’s good stewardship to know where our money goes. We need to hear about their ministry as we decide on whether to continue our investment.
#3: Missions is hard. The Apostle Paul was one of the first missionaries. Whenever he received a word of encouragement, gift of money, or had a moment of time with a supporting Christian, it meant the world to him. It will mean the world to Steve and Meg to have you there.


Join us: 3PM this Sunday at the Church Facility. There will be a time of prayer over Steve and Meg, stories from their service, and a nice ice cream dessert 🙂
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