The gospel project

This week we start a new unit. We transition away from king David and look at King Solomon, the wisest king of Israel. Here are the details about the story:

Wisdom is a hard thing to define. Smart is easy. It’s getting the answers right on a test, knowing the facts for Jeopardy, or knowing which tool fixes which problem. Wisdom is different.

Wisdom is not about how much you know, but about applying what you know in the right and noble way. In our story this week, it is about leading a country in a way that is just and honorable. Solomon knew he was not equipped for the job of leading, so in humility he asked for God’s help. He asked for wisdom rather than riches. And God gave him wisdom that was unparalleled.

Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. That is, it’s source is understanding who God is and that I’m not him. It begins with reference for God and his ways. Wisdom begins with humility before the Lord, just as Solomon did.

How can you teach wisdom? I’m not sure you can. Wisdom comes with time. And wisdom comes from God. I think it is best to teach humility, respect for God and love for each other, then before you know it, wisdom blossoms.

Talk with your kids this week about the difference between wisdom and smarts. What does a wise person look like? What do they say and do that is different?

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