The Gospel Project

We start a new unit this week on Wisdom Literature. This week it is the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes tackles the biggest question: what is the meaning of life? We might joke about it, as a “deep thought”, but, really…do you have a good answer to that question? Here are somethings to ponder with your kids:

  • Title; Solomon Thought About Life
  • Bible Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
  • Main Point: Life has purpose only with God
  • Key Passage: Psalm 100:5
  • Big Picture Question: Why can we trust God? Everything God does is for His glory and our good.

God made Solomon wise so he could lead his country well, and for much of his reign he did just that. But even though Solomon was wise, there were some things that he wrestled with. Why am I here? What’s the point of it all? What is the meaning of life?

Your kids might not be asking you that question, but they’re struggling with finding meaning in things as well. They might not ask you the deep questions regularly, but if you’re like me, your kids have probably asked you some hard questions about life. They might be struggling with making friends, or dealing with disappointment. They might not understand why bad things happen sometime. So, out of the blue, they drop the “deep thought” on you. How do you handle those questions?

Do you punt? “Go ask your mother.” Do you go over their head? You start answering questions they’re not asking. Do you freak out a little bit? I’ve done all of those things as a parent.

If Solomon had trouble with those kind of questions, then we can be excused if we have some trouble too. But as you talk to your kids about their “deep thoughts”, consider how you can turn their question toward considering God. You might not be able to give them an answer they’re always satisfied with, but you can point them back to God. He is the answer to our deep questions. He makes life meaningful, and when life seems meaningless he brings order. He does this because He’s the creator of everything and He holds it all together. We can trust him, even when things don’t seem meaningful.

Have a wonderful week.