Dear friends,
I’ve got 5 quick items:
1. Our 8:40-9:10AM Sunday morning prayer meeting attendance has been minimal for a few months. The elders would love to see this being a backbone ministry, not a fringe ministry. Join us this Sunday @8:40AM in the conference room.
2. This is a very good article worth reading: “Church Should Feel Uncomfortable.”
3. There are several different opportunities to be encouraged in your spiritual walk this December-January at Cornerstone Church. It is my hope that every person who calls Cornerstone home would choose at least one of these opportunities. Which “next step” should you take? See the class list at this web address:
4. Did you know our weekly bulletin is posted online each week just in case you need to know what’s ahead? (There’s some upcoming events you might want to [re]read about today.)
5. We are saved by the blood of Jesus. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me! I look forward each week to worshipping Jesus Christ with you on the LORD’s Day. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming 🙂 Who might you bring this week to introduce them to Jesus?
Humbly yours,
-Pastor Matt
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