Gospel Project

One more week of regular Sunday school before we take a little break until after the New Year. Thanks to Dave Gardner for covering for me this week!

Remember: Dec 18, during the morning worship service the Sunday school kids will sing two songs. We’ll be singing O Come, O Come Emmanuel and The First Noel.

This week we finish Unit 12 with a look at the Psalms. Here’s what you need to know:

During this holiday season, even if you’re not particularly musical, you’ll probably find yourself singing with your kids. Those familiar songs of the season are sung in the car, around the table, and the little earworms are probably coursing through your head as you go through your day.

When was the last time you really talked about the words of those songs with your kids. (And I’m not talking about “Up On The Housetop”.) Take an opportunity to sing those wonderful songs with your kids, but also take the opportunity to talk about the songs too. The Psalms are the songbook of ancient Israel, and they are a wealth of songs for us as well. You can just about open to any Psalm and identify with the emotions of the author. Try reading a Psalm with your kids and seeing if they can identify the emotions as well. Try asking: Does this Psalm seem sad, happy, angry? Why does the author feel that way? Ask those questions of the Christmas songs you sing as well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless you with His presence!

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