Month: January 2017

Kids SS – God Called Isaiah

The key passage this unit has been Hebrews 1:1-2, that says God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets. Prophets were people of faith that faithfully represented the one true God. It must have been incredible to have the visions they had. But the beauty of the key passage is that “in these last days he has spoken to us by His Son.” The visions of God I’m sure were amazing, but the truest, greatest, most overwhelming beauty of God is experienced by us through the relationship we have with God in Christ.

Here’s what you need to know about this week.

  • Title: God Called Isaiah
  • Bible Passage: Isaiah 6
  • Main Point: Isaiah saw the holy God in his glory
  • Key Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2
  • Big Picture Question: How many gods are there? There is one true God who alone deserves worship.
  • NEW: Here is a link to the One Conversation Starter sheet for teens and adults. Parents of children, these might be helpful for you for “around the dinner table” conversations.

Isaiah 6 is a beautiful passage. Isaiah is transported to the very throne room of God and sees the glory of God, and when he sees the greatness of God, he is overwhelmed by it. And at the same moment of seeing such beauty he is overcome by his own unworthiness. “Woe Is Me” Isaiah cries, because he knows he is sinful and the beauty he witnesses demonstrates just how rotten he is.

But God cleanses him. He doesn’t ignore his sinfulness or excuse it. But God takes action, putting the coal on his lips. In the instance that his sins are forgiven God wonders who will go for Him. Isaiah just about jumps out of his chair. Like Horshack in Mr. Kotter’s classroom, Isaiah says “Oh, Oh, Oh!!!” Send Me.

When we recognize the glory of God, our own wretchedness, and our so great salvation, then the only reasonable reaction is to jump up and serve God. Not out of a guilty conscience, or a desire to prove ourselves. But from gratitude and by God’s grace.

This week, talk to your kids about your experience of understanding your sinfulness and God’s majesty. If you’ve never shared your conversion story with your kids, this would be a great week to do it.

Have a wonderful week.

Kids SS – Elisha and Naaman

Sorry for the brevity tonight. I want to get this out for you for the week.

  • Title: Elisha and Naaman
  • Bible Passage: 2 Kings 5
  • Main Point: God healed Naaman’s skin disease
  • Key Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2
  • Big Picture Question: How many gods are there? There is one true God who alone deserves worship.

God lives people before they love him. God healed Naaman even though Naaman was far from God. What a great God we serve.

This week, talk to your kids about the wonderful deeds of God in your family’s life. Are there times you can point to when God showed his love and provided for you?

Have a wonderful week.

Kids SS – Elijah Ran from Jezebel

Contrast. Elijah on Mt. Carmel defeating the prophets of Baal with Elijah running from Jezebel. Elijah goes from man on fire to man on the run!! How quickly things change.

  • Title: Elijah Ran from Jezebel
  • Bible Passage: 1 Kings 19
  • Main Point: God revealed Himself to Elijah in a whisper
  • Key Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2
  • Big Picture Question: How many gods are there? There is one true God who alone deserves worship.

Have you ever been on a spiritual high, only to come crushing back to the low of spiritual warfare. I imagine Elijah was going through just such a moment. He had watched God soundly defeat the enemy, then just when he thinks true-God-worship will take hold, he runs head long into evil Jezebel who wants him dead.

It’s easy to say “Elijah, what were you thinking. God just sent fire from heaven, certainly he can help you now.” But cut Elijah some slack, because we are very likely to do the same thing. We see God do some amazing work, then in the next moment we meet resistance and we start questioning God. I know I’ve been there.

God gives Elijah just what he needs. Not a lecture, just a whisper. The encouragement that God is there in the big events, and in the little ones.

As you talk with your kids about this story, share a time that you’ve felt distant from God, and when he spoke to you in some small way. Maybe you were discouraged and then you were given a kind word of encouragement from a friend, or God reminded you of a passage from the Bible, or maybe it was just the still small voice reminding you that you are loved.

God bless you all. Have a great week.

January 8, 2017: Romans 8:9-11 “Life In the Spirit”

Big Idea:  The Spirit gives objective and organic life to those who believe

January 1, 2017: Matthew 6:5-14 “God’s How To: Pray”

Jesus’ instructions to his followers on how to pray.