The kings of Israel were a mixed bag of good and bad. Hezekiah wasn’t the perfect king of Israel, but he was a good, faithful king. He turned away from the faithlessness of his father Ahab and trusted God. Even in what must have been the most difficult and terrifying of situations, staring down the coming of a superior invading army. The enemy was saying “God cannot save you,” but Hezekiah trusted God, even when things seemed hopeless. And God showed up in an unpredictably amazing way. His army didn’t have to lift a finger, God defeated the Assyrian army.

Have you had an experience where your back was against the wall, you had no where else to turn, and you cried out to God. And when you did, God did something amazing, either to calm your fears, or ever rescue you from the situation? Tell your kids about that time. And more importantly, tell your family how your faith in God grew through that experience.

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