This week we begin a new unit in Sunday school called God the Pursuer. We’ll hear about the prophets Hosea, Jonah and Joel, all prophets that God used to call out to people that were not looking for him.

Hosea was sent by God to show Israel what His love was like. And it was a graphic example of God’s love. Hosea was told to marry a prostitute and have children with her. She would not be faithful to him, but he should welcome her anyway. She would turn away, and then Hosea would pursue her.

This Valentines day week, when love is in the air, talk to your kids about this kind of love. Love that pursues, love that heals, love that never gives up. It would have been easier for God to just give up on Israel, and allow Hosea to give up on Gomer, but that’s not how God’s love is. It pursues us and invites us back, even though we’ve turned away from God.

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