The pivotal moment of the Old to New Testament takes place this week in Sunday school when Jeremiah talks about the New Covenant.

  • Title: Jeremiah Prophesied a New Covenant
  • Bible Passage: Jeremiah 17:1-10; 31:31-34
  • Main Point: God promised a new and better covenant
  • Key Passage: Ezekiel 11:19-20
  • Big Picture Question: Why should we obey God? We obey God because He loves us.
  • One Conversation Starter: click here.

The Old Testament is full of prophesies, but perhaps none is more important that the promise made here that God would make a new and better covenant with Israel. The Abrahamic Covenant promised that Israel would have land, descendants and blessing, and they would be a blessing to the nation. The Mosaic Covenant promised that God would be their God and they would be his people, that if they obeyed they would prosper, but if they disobeyed they would be cursed.

This Mosaic covenant demanded behavior consistent with faith. The ancient Israelite believed God, just like Abraham did, and when they believed, they expressed that belief through the Mosaic law. But as we’ve seen time and time again, Israel didn’t believe, and they didn’t express belief in the law. At times they’d keep the letter of the law, but their hearts were far from God. At other times they abandoned God’s law and abandoned their faith, turning to the idols of the land instead.

There was something wrong with their hearts that kept drawing them away. Their hearts were deceitful and wicked. So, God would step in. He would give them a new heart, with his law written on it. Once again, Israel would be God’s and God would be theirs. Jesus brings the new covenant to fruition in his blood. Faith in Him allows our hearts to be changed. His Spirit living in us gives us the ability to live for Him.

Walk through the stories of the covenants in the Old Testament with your kids. We can’t understand how great the new covenant is until we’ve seen fully the old covenant.

Have a wonderful week!

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