A new Unit starts this week, God the Sustainer. We’ll learn about Daniel and his friends, and how God brought His people back to the Promised Land.

When we tell the stories of Daniel and his friends, we often say something like “isn’t Daniel wise,” or “weren’t Shadrack, Meshach and Abed nego brave”, but I think that we often miss the point of these stories. These stories are not given to us only to admire the faith of God’s people, but to admire the God of these people. We should look in wonder at how amazing the God that saves from the fiery furnace and the lion’s den is, and how he can work in our lives too.

This week, talk about how God is worth obeying, even when the world around us says it is silly or wrong. God is worth it because he is worth everything. And just as God gave Daniel the strength to obey God, even when it was hard, God gives us the strength too.

Have a great week.

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