Hello Parents of Sunday School children,

We started another year of Sunday school at Cornerstone church. I wanted to let you know about a couple of changes for this year.

First, we are not going to be doing the check-in sheet anymore. We will still have parents drop their children off at the Children’s church room a little before 11. We will be taking attendance a little more diligently this year too. Please continue to drop your children off and pick them up after Sunday school.

We changed class groups this year as well. Preschool will meet in the Children’s church room (thanks Megan Steele and LuAnn Burns for teaching and helping in this group). Kindergarten through 2nd grade will meet in the lobby, behind the walls by the storage room (Debbie Hammas, Charles Errington and Jarrod Hootman teach and help in this class). 3rd through 5th grade meet in the horseshoe in the lobby (Linda Flom and I help and teach this class, but we are still looking for someone to take this teaching position from me). On exceptionally large Sunday school days Jeff and Hannah Olson are going to be our pinch hitters.

We could still use a substitute helper and/or teacher. If you are interested in pitching in from time to time, please email me at posisme@gmail.com.

This week we continue looking at Esther,

Last week we talked about how Esther was in just the right place to help her people, because God always keeps his promises. This week we’ll see the continuation of the story. God will carry out his plan of deliverance of the Jewish people! In the same way, Jesus came to save us. Esther put her life on the line for her people, Jesus died on the cross for all people. Draw the connection this week between the people that help in our world, like Esther, and the one who helped us all by dying for us.

Have a great week,

Randy Pospisil

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